Moron Blame Game

“For people to go out and say my agent made a mistake is utterly ridiculous and insane.”

Even if you’re not a sports fan you ought to get a laugh from this one. Apparently it is not only utterly ridiculous, but actually insane, to believe that either San Francisco wide receiver Terrell Owens or his agent could make a mistake.

I don’t have anything against T.O. I don’t really have anything for him, either. But I do think if I wanted out of my current contract, and to quickly exit a bad situation before it becomes even worse, I’d do everything in my power to get that form filed as quickly as possible.

According to Fox Sports, Owens explains that the filing was planned exactly the way it happened. This article has Terrell Owens explaining that his agent had his best interests at heart. They apparently waited until the franchise deadline passed, and when the 49ers put the franchise tag on another player, they filed.

Tell me: If you’re in a bad situation and want out so badly that you make no secret of the fact that you want to be traded at any and every opportunity, why do you wait to see if you get the franchise tag? The franchise designation means a player gets an average of the five highest player salaries at that position. If you’re a marquee player entering free agency, most would think to set a new record for high salaries. Sure, the team gets draft picks – but why would T.O. care?

Airborne Frill Seeking

When assigned seats on planes went the way of the dodo bird, only a select few complained loudly enough to be heard. When they started to sell food on planes, frequent flyers debated things, but there wasn’t even a huge outcry there. I suspect it’s because the food wasn’t all that great in the first place.

But now, European low-fare carrier Ryanair is upping the ante. You want a window shade? Or perhaps a seat-back pocket with magazines (and for storing your trash)? A seat that reclines? Better try somewhere else. Apparently, they have even eliminated one bathroom on some of their planes.

Interesting developments, to be sure. Perhaps more strangely, I don’t disagree, except perhaps for the window shade. I’ve flown enough to have been on the bad side of the plane and received a full shot of sun beaming in from the other side. But really, the rest of those things aren’t too bad. Being a relatively tall person myself, the knowledge that the person behind my won’t be leaning back into my lap is rather reassuring. Now if I could just afford to go to Europe to try it out…

Why More Legislation

I’m sure that about everyone in the world knows it by now, but it seems that Dubya, in his infinite wisdom, has decided that we need a constitutional amendment to protect society from same-sex marriage. I don’t get it. What exactly is the hang-up here?

Until very recently, same-sex marriage wasn’t a possibility anywhere in this country. I’m not familiar with other countries, but I believe that it is pretty much a given elsewhere too. Only recently has there been a surge in the popularity of this topic. And that’s fine. I have no problem with the surge in popularity.

What I don’t understand is that the president of our country thinks that a constitutional amendment that bans same-sex marriage is as important as, say, the right to vote. Or perhaps the right to free speech. It just doesn’t compute for me.

Is this supposed to accomplish anything? I doubt if a constitutional amendment exists that it will prevent people from being interested in same-sex marriage. Perhaps the concern arises from the message that this sends – after all, if there should be some of these marriages, maybe people who might consider opposite-sex marriage will be encouraged to give it a try? That’s a load of bull. After all, if it were as simple as that, wouldn’t the overabundance of opposite-sex marriages have imposed that idea on everyone already?

It seems quite simple, really: Keep the government out of places they don’t belong. And if they’re there already, it’s high time to get them out. Our government is supposed to exist for the people. Instead of all the bloat and interloping we have now, cut, cut, cut and let government serve the barest of purposes. Then we can return the real power – the money – to the people. Let the citizens of this country live free of the ongoing burden of an ever-increasing government presence that provides fewer and fewer services that anyone actually sees. It’s an election year. Make a difference.

Humidifier or Vaporizer?

The other day we found out that our youngest had the croup. Pretty nasty sounding cough accompanies the croup, but luckily, it didn’t seem that there was much damage. Mostly just dried out from the lack of humidity in the winter air. Our heat pump is badly in need of repair or else it might provide the needed humidity, but that’s another story for another time.

So we’re supposed to get a “humidifier”. Hmm. Seems to be lots of choices. Warm mist, cool mist, humidifier, vaporizer. How to choose? How indeed. According to the helpful lady at Wal-Mart, we should get cool mist (ie, a humidifier). From what I can tell, in the beginning there were only vaporizers. But as time wore on, dainty little hands were burnt from the warm mist produced. You and I both know that warm things don’t burn. That mist is downright hot. But I digress.

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Faulty Perception

It’s often strange how we perceive the world around us. Most people, I think, would like to believe that they are completely unbiased when they look at most any situation. But it seems that the more I look at it, the more I realize just how one person’s perception can be completely subjective.

Today I was driving. Not an unusual condition, by any means. But for whatever reason, the planets have aligned to make this an exceptionally annoying driving day. There is roadwork to be found about everywhere, accidents on many roads, and just a general sense of road rage waiting to happen.

A left turn lane was closed for repairs. I pulled up in the lane next to the left turn lane to wait on the turn arrow. Naturally, this meant that I was blocking a lane of traffic. But I needed to turn. Plus, there were five other cars behind me doing the same thing. So this moron pulls up in the lane next to me making all sorts of hand and head motions, and honking his horn, trying to figure out why we weren’t moving. The light changed and we all moved.

I was in the DMV the other day. There are two lines. One is direct, and wraps around the outside of the room. The other is more indirect, and wraps back on itself, so it’s roughly twice as long as the direct line. It looks something like this when both lines are full:


The asterisk indicates the ending position of the left hand, or inner, line. As you can tell, this is about the same place as the end of the right hand, or outer, line (which was full). Yet a lady came in and stood at the end of the right line. Just after me, in fact. She was relieved to find out she was in the wrong line and got to go stand in the other line. But she didn’t actually make her wait any shorter. If anything, it got longer as the inner line moved more slowly as it was for processing lengthier transactions.

I just don’t understand how people can miss things that are so obvious. Has it become such an issue that we can’t be bothered to assess the entire environment, and not just that which is two feet in front of us?

Broken Stop Signs

I’ve noticed lately that stop signs seem to be malfunctioning. Something in my brain tells me that they used to work much more efficiently. I know it was a long time ago, but didn’t it used to be possible for more than one vehicle to enter the intersection at the same time?

For instance, the North and South cars could both cross simultaneously if neither was turning. The same for the East and West. Yet these days it seems as if only one direction goes at any given time. And what’s worse is that drivers now seem to have the mentality that their arrival at the line for the intersection is the most important aspect. Taking turns just doesn’t happen.

I appreciate that if I’m in a line waiting my turn that it’s difficult to do just that. But the stop sign-governed intersection used to be able to handle the round-robin action. Now people are so interested in making sure they don’t lose out to someone, they often take their turn well before their direction should be moving.

The same is true for one-lane traffic, specifically if you’re talking about a bridge. Or merging. And if you don’t, you lose your place to someone who will do so rather than wait. What goes around comes around and all that is nice, but it would be awfully satisfying if it came around a lot faster.

Go With What Works

An article in today’s Observer (free registration may be required) talks about one solution to violations of a school dress code. The school provides an oversized shirt for the person to wear. This frees the parents from having to go get proper clothes, it puts the violator back in class almost immediately and it has the benefit of adding humor to the situation.

The problem? Those bothered by such obviously humiliating tactics feel that such action on the part of the school can psychologically damage a young mind. Are these people for real?

A dress code exists. Your child decides not to adhere to the dress code. Whether you allow this behavior directly, or indirectly by not challenging the child, you support it. The student goes to school, where someone calls them on it. They have to wear a baggy shirt the rest of the day to cover their violations.

What do you think about such a decision? Should the school just let the student wear whatever they want, in direct violation of the school code? Or perhaps let them sit there until you can get off of work, go home, get some new clothes and take them to the school? Perhaps just suspend the student from school instead and give them a day off? Maybe we should bring back spankings in the school, and let the principal break out the paddle?

I want to hear your ideas. But before you write, take a look at the facts: At two other schools, representatives say that the problem of dress code violations is now nonexistent. So the policy seems to work.