Moron Blame Game

“For people to go out and say my agent made a mistake is utterly ridiculous and insane.”

Even if you’re not a sports fan you ought to get a laugh from this one. Apparently it is not only utterly ridiculous, but actually insane, to believe that either San Francisco wide receiver Terrell Owens or his agent could make a mistake.

I don’t have anything against T.O. I don’t really have anything for him, either. But I do think if I wanted out of my current contract, and to quickly exit a bad situation before it becomes even worse, I’d do everything in my power to get that form filed as quickly as possible.

According to Fox Sports, Owens explains that the filing was planned exactly the way it happened. This article has Terrell Owens explaining that his agent had his best interests at heart. They apparently waited until the franchise deadline passed, and when the 49ers put the franchise tag on another player, they filed.

Tell me: If you’re in a bad situation and want out so badly that you make no secret of the fact that you want to be traded at any and every opportunity, why do you wait to see if you get the franchise tag? The franchise designation means a player gets an average of the five highest player salaries at that position. If you’re a marquee player entering free agency, most would think to set a new record for high salaries. Sure, the team gets draft picks – but why would T.O. care?