Airborne Frill Seeking

When assigned seats on planes went the way of the dodo bird, only a select few complained loudly enough to be heard. When they started to sell food on planes, frequent flyers debated things, but there wasn’t even a huge outcry there. I suspect it’s because the food wasn’t all that great in the first place.

But now, European low-fare carrier Ryanair is upping the ante. You want a window shade? Or perhaps a seat-back pocket with magazines (and for storing your trash)? A seat that reclines? Better try somewhere else. Apparently, they have even eliminated one bathroom on some of their planes.

Interesting developments, to be sure. Perhaps more strangely, I don’t disagree, except perhaps for the window shade. I’ve flown enough to have been on the bad side of the plane and received a full shot of sun beaming in from the other side. But really, the rest of those things aren’t too bad. Being a relatively tall person myself, the knowledge that the person behind my won’t be leaning back into my lap is rather reassuring. Now if I could just afford to go to Europe to try it out…