Why More Legislation

I’m sure that about everyone in the world knows it by now, but it seems that Dubya, in his infinite wisdom, has decided that we need a constitutional amendment to protect society from same-sex marriage. I don’t get it. What exactly is the hang-up here?

Until very recently, same-sex marriage wasn’t a possibility anywhere in this country. I’m not familiar with other countries, but I believe that it is pretty much a given elsewhere too. Only recently has there been a surge in the popularity of this topic. And that’s fine. I have no problem with the surge in popularity.

What I don’t understand is that the president of our country thinks that a constitutional amendment that bans same-sex marriage is as important as, say, the right to vote. Or perhaps the right to free speech. It just doesn’t compute for me.

Is this supposed to accomplish anything? I doubt if a constitutional amendment exists that it will prevent people from being interested in same-sex marriage. Perhaps the concern arises from the message that this sends – after all, if there should be some of these marriages, maybe people who might consider opposite-sex marriage will be encouraged to give it a try? That’s a load of bull. After all, if it were as simple as that, wouldn’t the overabundance of opposite-sex marriages have imposed that idea on everyone already?

It seems quite simple, really: Keep the government out of places they don’t belong. And if they’re there already, it’s high time to get them out. Our government is supposed to exist for the people. Instead of all the bloat and interloping we have now, cut, cut, cut and let government serve the barest of purposes. Then we can return the real power – the money – to the people. Let the citizens of this country live free of the ongoing burden of an ever-increasing government presence that provides fewer and fewer services that anyone actually sees. It’s an election year. Make a difference.