On Liberty and Sharing the Wealth

Sharing the wealth. Popular phrase. It’s all the rage. Of course, these days it means that those who have somewhat more than others, relatively speaking, are going to be required to give up some of that so that the others can get some.

Walter Williams talks about the concept, where he points out that someone who holds to the liberties as envisioned by the framers of our society will be soundly defeated if they try and stick to such a concept.

Guess he’s right.

As an aside, the local paper printed this Williams column in today’s paper, while his site shows it was published on the 5th. Talk about being behind.

Money for Nothing

Everyone knows the government spends a ridiculous amount of money on fighting “terrorism” and it doesn’t really do much. Do you feel safer knowing the government is on the job? I sure don’t. I’m ticked that they introduce delays, close down access and generally make life more difficult, all while putting our country deeper in debt and accomplishing absolutely nothing.

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Politics and Money

Politics and money shouldn’t go together. I think that a large part of the problem is that the politicians spend money like it isn’t theirs. And a huge percentage of it isn’t. But the even larger problem is that people don’t seem to get that. They want the government to do this or build that and all the while, they are the ones who have to fund those payments.

I don’t understand that disconnect, or how to get that message across to those who don’t understand that the government is not a money-printing machine. It’s a money-recyclying machine, and the money being recycled is ours. Sure, we are “paid” a certain amount of money, but a large part of that paycheck will never be seen by us.

In another strange occurence, when the big oil companies rake in large profits, they have somehow done something wrong. When companies are referred to as “business”, there is a reason for doing so. No one is in the business of going broke (except perhaps the US government).

Yet when GM loses $1.5 billion, no one is crying out for them, and demanding that they be paid money so they don’t go broke. You figure it out.

Indiana and Reproduction

Apparently a draft version of a law in Indiana will require you to file a petition for parentage if you can’t become a parent, uh, the old-fashioned way and if the person helping you (we’ll call them the donor) is not your spouse.

Interesting. Even though they may be well-intentioned by trying to make sure that only your standard husband-and-wife arrangements may have kids, I have to think that the government in Indiana has finally found that point where they just don’t have anything else to do.

Come on. Maybe if you can’t think of any other laws to create, you should just go home and not make any more. Or maybe you should clear some off the books. It’s obvious that the government spends far too much time now trying to intrude on our lives. Let’s head the other direction.

Lynn Wheeler is Running Again

So it would appear that Lynn Wheeler is once again ready to run for City Council. Has she learned her lesson? I don’t know. The message she posted would indicate that she has done so, but there’s only one way to find out.

I’m not sure I’m ready to take that route. While Lynn promises to fix the problems of crime, taxes and potholes (that’s an odd combination for her focus), I just don’t know if she can do the job or not. Her prior loss and two years off might help, but is it really in the city’s best interest to bring her back?

A Very Broken System

As it appears the multiple-billion dollar upgrade of US security systems has been pretty much wasted, it makes me wonder if there is ever an end in sight. While we routinely pour money down the drain, surely we, as a people, will have to realize sometime that the money the government wastes isn’t theirs – it is ours!

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