A Shining Age of Human Liberty

During the speech last night by Dubya, he gave us some inspirational words – namely that his motivation shall “lead the 21st century into a shining age of human liberty”. While of course he wouldn’t say anything else, since he’s in a position whereby it is his job to make sure that you are inspired, I have to wonder if anyone else was as amused by this position as I was.

If anything, we as a country have done nothing but lost liberty since the attacks of September 11, 2001, and while I don’t necessarily agree with him in many cases, I would generally say that he at least tries in most cases. Or at least he tries to make us think that he is trying. What becomes difficult for him is trying to convince a populace that security is a difficult concept in such a world. But in this case, it’s less of a best-case scenario and more of a flat-out lie.

While people will naturally define liberty differently, as they should, I think most would agree that there are some things that you perhaps would sacrifice in exchange for security. For instance, having to take off your shoes as you go through security at the airport. It doesn’t make anything any safer, but if it makes someone a little happier, what the heck. It’s a minor inconvenience in the scheme of things. But when does it stop?

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Resolving to Elect Better Leaders

It is no secret that one of the things that elected officials do is pat each other on the back. But they also pat other people on the back. If you have spent any time looking around, you’ve undoubtedly seen a resolution of some sort of another that in the end does nothing more than waste a bunch of time.

The state legislatures are especially fond of these. When I lived in California, you could find these resolutions about anywhere. I was pretty young, and I’ll admit to not looking into it much, but I think you can get a resolution passed by the state for just about anything if you know the right person to ask. It seems that this even extends to the county level, if you live in Mecklenburg.

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Proposing an Official Language

I’ll admit that I’m a white guy who is all too rapidly approaching middle age and doesn’t get a lot of things, and at the risk of sounding even more clueless than usual, one of those is why so many people are against an official language for the United States. Unlike a lot of people, I really don’t have a problem with it and why it makes news when people want to create an official language really baffles me.

Of course my support comes from the assumption that the official language is English. If the official language is Albanian, I might take issue. Nothing against the Albanians, mind you – I just don’t speak the language. It would also seem to make sense that the language of the majority would be the most logical choice, but then our government and logic don’t always go together, do they?

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Scott Adams on Flag Burning

I’ve always thought the idea of an amendment to ban the burning of flags was a bit idiotic, since you’re actually supposed to burn flags in order to appropriately destroy them. But Scott Adams (the creator of Dilbert, don’t you know) stepped up to the plate recently to set forth why it really makes little sense. Perhaps our “dedicated public servants have finally solved the problems of crime, drugs, war, poverty, terrorism, healthcare, immigration, and the mystery of why our children are such idiots compared to Norwegians”. Yay!

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The Pirates to the Rescue

Hrm. Perhaps I’m not a Libertarian after all. Maybe I’m a Pirate*.

*No, probably not. But at least if we’re going to be giving up all our money we can talk well and have eye patches and good parties and the like.

Our Armor or No Armor

In the latest twist of the Iraq saga, Army officials have apparently banned the use of any armor other than that issued by the military. That’s just stupid.

I appreciate that you don’t want someone to feel that they are safe when they are not. I appreciate that something defective may cause some sort of harm. But when you can’t provide the armor, you can’t tell them that they’ll just have to do without.