Firefox CPU Usage and Google Reader

Ever since installing Firefox version 2, I’ve noticed a steady deterioration in my computer’s performance, but I haven’t been able to put my finger on it. Since installing the update, it’s been even worse. For some reason, I decided to try and figure it out yesterday, and I think I’ve managed to stumble on the reason. Please note that isn’t to say that I’ve fixed the problem – only that I know the cause.

I typically keep 10-12 tabs open in Firefox. Perhaps I shouldn’t, but I do. It’s just the way that I use it. I almost constantly keep Firefox running. I just have little reason to close it, and with 1GB of memory, it’s usually not a problem. Even when Firefox gets up to a couple hundred MB of memory, it’s rarely an issue. If it is, I simply close the window and restart it with the tabs intact. I maybe do this every week or so and life goes on. But still, the performance was getting worse.

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Bloglines Toolkit 1.6.8

I have updated the Bloglines Toolkit to version 1.6.8 and posted an updated archive. There are no new features available in this version, but there are some localization announcements to be made. This version includes a brand new localization for Catalan (ca-AD), and updated localizations for French (fr-FR) and Chinese (Simplified) (zh-CN). Those of you who use the automatic updating feature of your browser may have already seen an update announcement. This is for the same version.

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The Carolina Panthers Quarterback Shuffle

After last week’s debacle in the nation’s capitol, where the Carolina Panthers were supposed to whip up on a Washington Redskins team that frankly hasn’t done that well, and came out with their collective tail between their legs, everyone was calling for the head of quarterback Jake Delhomme. Frankly, it wasn’t a bad idea, but Delhomme wasn’t the only player to stink up the place. The loss could be placed on just about anyone. It was that bad. Then the Panthers went to Philadelphia, where they played the Philadelphia Eagles, who were having troubles of their own, including starting a quarterback (Jeff Garcia) who hadn’t seen considerable playing time in this decade. Guess what? They lost again, but this time the loss could squarely be placed on Delhomme’s shoulders.

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The Great Thanksgiving Food Poisoning Virus From Hell

I have to say that Thanksgiving is, hands down, becoming my favorite holiday. Yes, this is at least partially because I like to eat. But it’s also because there is very little work involved. And no, this does not mean that I don’t do any work for Thanksgiving. But every other holiday requires a reasonable amount of effort – at least for the amount of enjoyment that I receive. Not Thanksgiving.

I will also admit that when I was younger, I received a decent amount of enjoyment from Halloween. But as I grow older, Halloween has lost some of its luster. I suppose you could chalk this up to maturity, but let’s face it. Would you put me and maturity in the same sentence? I didn’t think so. It simply must be something else.

As the years go by, I simply find myself enjoying the other holidays less and less. They involve so much more work and there is less to get back out of them. Perhaps I’m getting selfish in my old age. But not Thanksgiving. Sure, there is some cooking involved. But once that is done, it’s all about sitting back and enjoying the feast with family. Unfortunately this year, even Thanksgiving was a bit of a disaster.

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