Bloglines Toolkit 1.6.8

I have updated the Bloglines Toolkit to version 1.6.8 and posted an updated archive. There are no new features available in this version, but there are some localization announcements to be made. This version includes a brand new localization for Catalan (ca-AD), and updated localizations for French (fr-FR) and Chinese (Simplified) (zh-CN). Those of you who use the automatic updating feature of your browser may have already seen an update announcement. This is for the same version.

For those of you wanting to provide additional localizations for the extension (or if you think that the existing localizations need updating), I have uploaded the extension to BabelZilla, which will hopefully make this process easier in the future. I have not yet decided on how often I will release updates for new languages – if they start coming in regularly, then I will have to decide on something. For now, I’ll just do it periodically.

If you would like to keep up with the progress, check out the Bloglines Toolkit Thread on BabelZilla and feel free to add your comments or thoughts there. If you’d like to register as a translator or contribute to the project, feel free. The more the merrier. There are, I believe, 60 languages in the project that have not been added at all, and another 5 that may need updating in some way, so have at it!




7 responses to “Bloglines Toolkit 1.6.8”

  1. Sharani Avatar

    A friend sent me NetNewswire and I am now happily viewing my icon in my dock with how many messages are waiting unread. He said he thinks it is the best for Macs and Firefox.

  2. Sharani Avatar

    I was hoping for your help in my lack of success in getting your Bloglines Notifier download for Firefox to work and see that you don’t use it anymore. I am brand new to RSS and aggregators. Can you recommend something else that works well with the Mac and Firefox as the browser? I am currently running version 2.0.4.

  3. Sharani Avatar

    I am new to RSS and Blog feed readers. I just downloaded Bloglines at work on a PC and the Windows Bloglines notifier is working just fine. Now today I am trying to get it to work on my Mac. I accidentally downloaded the bloglines notifier for the Mac which opens up in Safari – a browser I never use. It also was not displaying new messages in that little notifier icon in the dock. On my Mac I use Firefox. I can’t seem to uninstall the Safari version and when I try to download yours nothing happens. Am I maybe using a too recent version of Firefox? I just downloaded 2.0.4. today and am finding that some themes and extensions are not available for a version this new. Your instructions say to save the file and then open it up but I am pretty nontechie with computers and can’t seem to even successfully do that. Do you have any advice on whether I can get a bloglines notifier up and running in Firefox?

  4. Chad Everett Avatar

    Hi Nita –

    Being that I don’t use Bloglines any longer, it’s doubtful that I’ll do much more with the extension. But you never know. Plus, the code is open source, so you can do with it what you will. If you change it and would like me to integrate those changes, let me know and I’ll certainly consider it. I’m also available for hire.

    As to ignoring the “marked as new” request, however, that’s currently impossible because Bloglines doesn’t provide that information. If it’s not there, no one can get it. Sorry!

  5. nita Avatar

    Feature request? I’d like to see the notifier not just check every so often, but also show the new message indicator when there’s a certain threshold of new posts. And to ignore “marked as new” posts in the indicator.

  6. Chad Everett Avatar

    Sorry about the openID – I had upgraded, and forgot to enable some scripts. Fixed now (I just used it myself).

  7. Anonymous Avatar

    Great extension. Thanks. 🙂

    (And this is a way to test my openID – which doesn’t work, script is not executable.)