Just Another Bowl?

In the beginning (not that beginning), there was the Bud Bowl. Then the Butt Bowl. Now we have the Lingerie Bowl. I know, I know, I missed the announcement earlier this summer. Better late than never, right?

So they say that these women will be playing 7-on-7 full contact football during the Super Bowl halftime show. At first glance, that sounds much better than the No Doubt and Shania show last year, or Britney and Aerosmith the year before that. But then I read further in the announcement, and there they are. The two words that men dread to hear. No nudity.

Why in the world would I pay $20 to see women play football in lingerie when there won’t be any nudity? I mean come on – I have no problems with women participating in sports, but let’s be real here. Powder Puff is Powder Puff. And that’s okay. But it’s only fun to watch if your girl is on the other team while you’re standing on the sidelines, cheering like a moron. Otherwise? Well, it’s Powder Puff.

So I’m wondering how many guys will plunk down their $20 with the hope of seeing nudity, when the announcement already told them there won’t be any? I suspect there will be plenty, because guys will read the beginning of the release (models… full contact… lingerie) and will never make it to near the bottom when they mention those two words. But I don’t think I’ll be one of them.

Wait a minute – what’s this? A quote from Team Euphoria captain Angie Everhart about that statement? Hmm… That’s what they say, but I’m going to be ripping off tops.

Maybe I need to find a spare twenty after all.


I had to use more SQL than usual the other day. It had been a while since I had much call to use SQL in my job for something more than a simple query, however. I needed to use it to update some records in a file as I really just didn’t want to write a program to do the work. SQL should have been much faster, had I a clue what I needed to do. Eventually, I struggled my way through it and it was much faster – assuming you didn’t count the time spent on the learning curve to get to where I could actually use it!

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Political Affiliation

I probably most closely align myself with the Libertarian point of view. I’m not always sure if I agree with the Libertarian Party point of view, but I would definitely consider myself a Libertarian at heart. I recently read a book about this very topic. It gets a little long-winded, but starts off pretty well and gives you some idea of what this could mean if it was actually pursued by anyone.

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Too Much Regulation

If you live in the US, do you realize just how many regulations govern day-to-day tasks in our country? Sure, you’ve heard about the Patriot Act. You’ve read the complaints about how it infringes upon the right of legitimate citizens to receive a certain amount of protection from the government.

You may even have read about how librarians nationwide are taking their own steps to insure the privacy of people who borrow books. Does it seem at all ridiculous to you that librarians have to shred their records every week, just to keep the government’s nose from poking into yet another space where it doesn’t belong?

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Moron IP Banning

Okay, so I’m a moron. While it was an entertaining exercise, yesterday’s bit about using PHP to block IP addresses probably wasn’t completely necessary. Yes, that’s right – Movable Type has IP banning built right in. So I just add the IP address to the list, and the only functionality that changes is that the user cannot leave a comment, nor can they send a trackback. Geez…

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Spare Change

An excerpt from a letter published in the September 3 issue of Creative Loafing:

One program which would at least help to reduce the spread of HIV would be a clean-needle program — the distribution of unused, sterile syringes to anyone, no questions asked. As a former public health nurse, I know that these supplies are cheap and easy to obtain….I have had the onerous task of informing a 19-year-old girl that she was HIV positive, and I’m betting she was already well aware of its causes. For her it was (she said) a contaminated needle. Twenty-five cents or so from a local health department for a clean syringe could have spared her this devastating news. — Amy Keith, RN, Charlotte

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Dilbert Finance

The other day I talked about the amount of wedding bills piled up by your typical couple on their special day. About a week ago, I went into the lifestyles that seem so prevalent these days. When was it, exactly, that our lives changed so much that they revolved around these material things?

Was it when the bumper stickers first told us that The One Who Dies With the Most Toys Wins? Or perhaps when Madonna first regaled us with Material Girl?

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Watch Out for Beavers

I generally listen to Bob & Tom on my way to work. Like most radio shows, they are often (but not always) entertaining. Some days they just float by in the background and I’d be hard-pressed to remember what is said.

Quit giving me those looks. Listening to Howard Stern or John Boy & Billy does not mean that you enjoy more sophisticated humor. Ace & TJ aren’t any better, either- it’s just that the jokes are a bit more suitable for family entertainment. Bob & Sheri? Please. It’s all noise, it’s pretty much all juvenile, and we all enjoy our own flavor. Fair enough?

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Serving Content

I came across a post by someone who found something I wrote to be useful. That’s cool. I’m glad someone is reading.

One thing that this post reminded me of, that I didn’t mention previously, is the MIME type of the document being served. In the case of HTML, the longstanding tradition has been to serve the document as text/html. This is what we’ve always done, and this is what most people continue to do now.

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