In Our World We the People

Name Recognition

Arnold Schwarzenegger will run for governor of California.

Jerry Springer thought of a return to politics (he was already the mayor of Cincinnati in the 1970s). He has currently decided against it.

Ronald Reagan was not only the governor of California, he was the 40th president of the United States. Sonny Bono became a US Congressman. Fred Grandy (that’s Gopher from the Love Boat, folks) was a Representative for the State of Iowa. Heck, even Ben Jones (that’s Cooter from the Dukes of Hazzard) served two terms in Congress for the state of Georgia. Crazy Cooter – a Congressman!

We the People

A State Insect?

North Carolina has a state insect (it’s the bumblebee). I’m all for state pride, but isn’t there a point when we’ve gone too far? Apparently not, as we are soon to be adding a state wildflower to the mix (the Carolina lily). Not to be confused with the regular old state flower (dogwood).