List Pending Comments

So MT-Moderate automatically moderates most comments that you’ll want moderated. This is a huge step in blocking comment spam. If it doesn’t show up on the site, then that’s most of the battle. In fact, for some people, it is all of the battle. All you have to do is occasionally approve some comments that come in, because you’d like to see them on your blog. Those pending comments that contain nothing but spam? Ignore them. Done, problem solved.

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Recursive OPML Data

While it isn’t commonly used, the OPML spec allows for recursive data – that is, folders with folders within folders. However, until Version 2.0.0 of MT-Outliner, you couldn’t get at this data easily – at least not for displaying it on your Movable Type-powered blog.

Now I’ve added an MTOutlinerRecurse tag to MT-Outliner. I put together a page with the details on how it works, but at least for me, the subject is difficult to grasp when reading about it – but it does work! Try playing with the tag to see how it can add additional dimensions to your OPML output. You will, of course, need to have these multiple levels in your OPML files!

Many thanks to David Raynes, not only for starting me down the recursion path with his SubCategories plugin, but for responding to my email asking for help!

Moving Movable Type

It turns out that it was surprisingly easy to move from one host to another. I’d love to think it’s simply my own brilliance, but let’s be honest here. Much of the work was easy because I had a copy of the data on my own PC. It was a bit out-of-date, but the general structure was in place. That saved a load of time, especially as I couldn’t get FTP access to my prior host.

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