Movable Type

  • Install Movable Type Under Windows (IIS)

    Though the vast majority of installations I work with use LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl) to run Movable Type, there are also a few where my client would like to place Windows in that equation. While it's a possibility to run Apache on Windows, Internet Information Server (IIS)…

  • Upgrading to Movable Type 4 with MTCommentFields

    By now, there's a reasonable chance that if you've wanted to upgrade to the latest release of Movable Type, you've done so. But you may still be waiting. Perhaps you're hoping that your favorite plugin will be updated (there are still a few that haven't been released for…

  • How to Fix a Common MT4 Feed Formatting Error

    Over the last few years, the term beta has been somewhat misused. It used to be that when you used beta software, you expected to encounter problems. But when Google started throwing around the term for its offerings, people came to expect that beta software wasn't so bad….

  • Using SpamLookup and Akismet to Control Spam

    A subject came up today about writing a regular expression to block a particular text string in comments received by a Movable Type blog. If you aren't familiar, the Spam Lookup plugin gives you great power over the processing of comments (and trackbacks, if you happen to receive…

  • List Your Subcategories in Order

    If you use subcategories in Movable Type, you know that you need to think of them in alphabetical order. Otherwise when you add them, they won't be in order. How do you get them to look right?…

  • Rebuilding Empty Categories

    One thing that I've seen requested from time to time is the ability to rebuild empty categories. The problem is that Movable Type doesn't make this easy to do because when you rebuild entries, the rebuild routine loops over the entry table in order to determine which categories…

  • Movable Type Key Mappings

    So it seems that Movable Type (3.2 at least, may have been there longer) supports ALT-D for deleting an entry while on the "Edit Entry" screen. Unfortunately, this is also the keystroke to access the address bar in Internet Explorer. Luckily I don't use IE much. I could…

  • MT-Blogroll and Yahoo! Hosting

    As mentioned yesterday, I had some issues with Movable Type on the new Yahoo! Small Business hosting package. Most of which have now been resolved. The final problem I had was that I was unable to install MT-Blogroll on their server….

  • Movable Type and Yahoo!

    As you may know, Yahoo! recently announced their offering of Movable Type on their small business hosting platform. Cool. Well today I started work on my first client using this platform. Thus far I'm underwhelmed….

  • Structured Blogging and Right Fields

    Recently we've seen the introduction of a couple new additions to the stable of Movable Type plugins, with the pre-release of the Structured Blogging plugin and the beta release of the RightFields plugin….