PHP Image Rotation

While trying to hastily assemble a Javascript image rotation script, it occured to me that you could probably do the same thing with PHP – and it would not only be easier, but more reliable, since PHP happens on the server-side, independent of the browser someone is using. Sure enough, a short search resulted in an easy-to-use image rotation script written in PHP.

MT-Moderate and SimpleComments

A number of you have mentioned that you would like to use MT-Moderate, specifically to moderate trackbacks, but are unable to do so because you also use SimpleComments.

Because of the way in which I’m making trackbacks moderated, they will still appear in SimpleComments lists of trackbacks.

Now, thanks to Jayaprakash (JP), those of you using dynamic publishing are now able to get around this limitation.

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Recursively CHMOD Files

I was moving a bunch of files from one location to another, and it ended up that a ton of those files had the wrong permissions. Now permissions of 755 will generally work for serving an HTML file, but it should probably be served as 644, and since it wasn’t it was bugging me. We’ve already discussed my neuroses, let’s just leave it at that.

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