More on Forms

As I was finishing up the initial release of the blog, I decided that I wanted to do something different with the “add a comment” function. While it was clear enough that you selected the “no” button to keep from saving your personal information, the information was removed just by the clicking of that button!

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Too Much Information

Credit cards, checks and debit cards allow the tracking of our every movement.

Many grocery stores have customer loyalty cards which exist more to track our purchases than offer us savings. Think about it – who would offer you discounts if they didn’t get anything out of it? Sure, there’s a bit of loyalty, which means it’s not a complete lie – but the true advantage comes in finding out what you are purchasing, how much you’ll pay for it, when you like to purchase and how often you make purchases.

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The Angler Fish

So the other night, my son asks me about this fish he saw in Finding Nemo. Normally I might not share such a tale, because it’s probably only memorable to our family – but the answers found from this innocent question were pretty impressive indeed.

You see, the alleged fish has a light on it’s head and huge fangs. I don’t know about you, but I’d never heard of such a beast. In fact, I thought it sounded like someone had been having a little fun in the animation room. I even made the mistake of mentioning that it might not be completely real!

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Buttons without Images

I think the first time I noticed anything about making buttons out of CSS, it was at Chris Pirillo’s blog. Unfortunately, I don’t have the direct link, and I can’t seem to find it anyplace. If you happen to have it, pass it along and I’ll make sure to add it here. In the meantime, check out Chris’ site to see some buttons made purely with CSS (no images).

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No Common Sense

Okay, folks, time for a pop quiz!

You’d like to see a movie this weekend, but find out that all the theater is playing are PG-13 and R-rated movies. What do you do? What do you do?

A. Skip the movie. You don’t need to see such trash anyway. Rent a Disney flick instead.

B. Skip the movie, because you can’t find a babysitter to watch your 4-year old, and, well, it’s not really appropriate for a 4-year old to see those kinds of movies anyway.

C. Find a babysitter to take care of your 4-year old so you can enjoy the trash without worry of causing others distress or harming the poor kid with the contents of the movie.

D. Make sure you take your 4-year old to see the movie anyway, then get upset when either everyone complains about the racket or if you aren’t allowed inside.

If you’re like some people, it looks like the correct option is D.

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Some BIG Numbers

Mentions of state budgets recently talk about deficits in the billions of dollars. Heard the other day on the radio that California alone is looking at a $38 billion shortfall. Airlines are losing billions of dollars a quarter. The US national debt is nearing $7 trillion.

An article in the local paper mentions Bernie Ebbers’ $400 million loan from his former employer, Worldcom. Yes, that Worldcom. Is it no wonder that they’re in the toilet? They loan someone $400 million for stuff like a yacht building company and a 500,000 acre ranch (that’s five hundred thousand, folks) and no one notices?

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And So It Begins

Customers ask for your assistance with issue X. You disrupt your life to make things work for them and do your best to present a smiling face all the while. You fix issue X and conveniently, since you’re there, they decide to ask about issues Y and Z. Of course, this comes as a complete surprise to you.

Are people just morons?

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