Cut Down Government Services Already

It seems like just about each time I drive down some street or another, I end up stuck behind a row of buses. Yes, a row of buses. Okay, two may not actually qualify as “a row”, but just how many do you need? One would surely do in most cases, and two is definitely more than enough, especially when it seems like they stop every hundred yards or so. Surely people can walk a hundred yards to the next stop rather than having the buses stop as often as they do, right?

Before being accused of saying the government should exist at all, I actually think that there is a place for the government – I just think that the government – especially at the federal level – should be really small, and I don’t get why once something is enacted it is so difficult to get rid of it.

That’s not really true. I understand why it is so difficult. Once the program is there, it becomes difficult to get rid of it because someone, somewhere decides that program is important to someone.

Social Security is important to those who depend on it, just as welfare is important to others (and in fact may be important to a similar group). Farm subsidies may be important to others. The list goes on. The point is that if nothing is ever removed, if those choices are not made, then that slippery slope is never-ending and we might as well just resign ourselves now to what lies ahead, and that isn’t pretty.

Instead, why not make the hard choices? Why not decide that perhaps doing without certain safety nets, or embracing the hard work ourselves is a better path?

For instance, with all the drive towards local foods and farmers markets, why do we need the FDA? To protect us, someone will shout. Sure, it seems like a lovely idea. But the problem is that it drives up the cost of everything. What if I don’t care? What if I want to buy something from someone not covered by the FDA? What if I want to take that risk upon myself? I should be able to do so, and thereby save a few bucks (or pennies, whatever). This should apply to food, drugs or anything. It should not be the responsibility of the government to protect me from my own folly.