Get the Government Out of, Well, Everything

Maybe that is extreme. But maybe, just maybe, the government has their fingers – or their entire hands – in a few too many places and they needs to pull them out. It is already apparent that the only time the government is interested in doing so is when they are trying to use such a move when they are trying to bargain – like when they say they will shut down air traffic control towers at certain airports because there is no funding.

Now recent announcements in the Mint Hill area have the Highland Games being delayed. The Madness being delayed. Charlotte has the Carrousel Parade in danger of going under. Budget cuts may close the James K. Polk site (after $130,000 in renovations was released, no less). Perhaps the problem is the government just has their hands in too many places.

Is there really a need to have a law-making body for the last two-hundred plus years? In North Carolina, each car on the road is supposed to have an inspection and pay taxes each year or it can’t be registered. Why? Each of those is itself simply a tax. Even the act of keeping a pet is a tax – you take the time to take care of your pet, doing the responsible thing in getting it vaccinated, and that only means that you are put onto a list where they can check up to make sure you are licensed, yet another tax. For what reason? Because you are responsible and will likely pay up. How about milking the money out of those who aren’t responsible instead?

Rather than this great bureaucracy, why not dismantle it, one piece at a time, and make life that much easier?

This week everyone has been up in arms about the right to marry who you want, when you want. That’s fine. There are plenty of arguments on either side. Frankly, I don’t get why the government should be involved. I don’t get why they should ever have been involved. You want to dispute it, take it to your community – your family, your friends. Your church, if that is where you take this sort of thing. It is not the kind of thing that should ever be the kind of thing that depends on the government.

Frankly, that is the problem. We shouldn’t be turning to the government for answers. They should be a last resort, not a first one. What is odd that, now that we have the technology to move government closer to the people, it is doing the exact opposite, and is further away now than ever.