What a Long Strange Trip It's Been

Nearly ten years ago – seriously! – I heard about this blogging thing and decided I would figure out what it was all about. So I installed Movable Type on a hosting account I had sitting around collecting dust. At the time, it was running on version 2.64. At least, I think it was 2.64 – it’s been ten years, so cut me some slack here.

Then I upgraded the installation. A few times. I created a business. I added a few additional categories. Then they became so big – by volume, not necessarily traffic – I moved these categories to their own blogs. Using Movable Type, that was fairly easy. Eventually I even moved a couple of these blogs to WordPress, just because that’s what all the cool kids were doing.

As most new things do, my new toy lost its shininess. Eventually, I stopped writing and decided that I needed to work to pay the bills instead. I would tweak things now and again – a new design here, a new plugin there. I even tried Melody for a while. Then Melody went away too, so I swapped out Melody and went back to Movable Type (luckily I never upgraded to Movable Type 5).

Eventually I moved the WordPress blogs back into Movable Type because I didn’t like keeping up with multiple pieces of software. Yes, I know I can run multiple instances of WordPress from one installation. I did. I also ran Movable Type because I liked it better. That means one Movable Type and one WordPress – that’s two, which makes multiple. Movable Type was more stable and didn’t have the issues of WordPress. I also like the separation of templates and code in Movable Type. Sue me.

I did like the auto-upgrade feature of WordPress, and the documentation is mostly top-notch too, something that Movable Type hasn’t had for a very long time. But what can you do? Day-to-day, I don’t need those things, I need an interface I can use. And if I do, I can try and build them and add them to Movable Type, rather than building a user interface – something I’m horrible at creating.

But I digress – Later I decided I didn’t even like having all those separate blogs on Movable Type and collapsed the six blogs back into two – at least most of the way. I’m still working on a few of the details, but I’ll finish it up here soon. And I’ll get back to writing because I have way too many thoughts coming out and Facebook and Twitter just don’t do it for me any longer. I need more space or something. And simplifying my life is really satisfying.

Plus, I have a few hundred posts in unpublished form from the last couple years that I need to populate the archives correctly, and yes that does bother me. I’ll get to it, but I needed to get this out first to warn you that there will be a bit of disorder coming, so you can be prepared when “commentary” or “news” from two years ago pops up.

Hope that all is well with you.