VC8 Library was not Installed Correctly

Another week, another software problem. But this one isn’t coming from Microsoft. No, this time it is Logitech who is causing issues.

Though I waffle between keyboards from time to time, my mouse is almost always Logitech, because they are just so comfortable. These days it is really difficult for me to use anything else. And that means that I am almost always using – or installing – their SetPoint software.

As with most other software, however, that means I will probably run into a problem eventually, and this time around it is the error in the title: VC8 library was not installed correctly, please restart the machine and reinstall.

What? For a mouse driver? That is just insane.

So after digging around for a while, and reading all sorts of suggestions to install one version and then the next, I stumbled upon the answer. As with most problems, it is fairly simple: Install the Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable package first, then install SetPoint.

Since the package is labeled “Redistributable”, you would think a company like Logitech would spring for the licensing fee to actually be able to redistribute it. But no – they make you go find it. It isn’t hard, really – just search and you can get the appropriate version at Microsoft for your platform. It’s just one extra step is all.