Boy Killed While Trick-or-Treating

A man in Sumter, South Carolina, saw masked people outside his house and opened fire. With an AK-47 assault rifle. Shots struck a 12-year-old boy. Thirteen times. The boy was pronounced dead at the hospital shortly thereafter.

With all the hubbub about whether or not teenagers should be trick-or-treating (and there are even municipalities enacting laws to enforce such a ban), perhaps the larger issue to ask is: Why in the world would someone have an AK-47 loaded and ready to fire, on Halloween of all nights?

If you don’t like the holiday, that’s fine. There are plenty of people these days who don’t. I see more and more houses with lights off, which is a shame (that is a topic for another day, however).

So if you don’t want people to knock on your door, turn off the light, go to the back room and read a book. Look for porn online. Go to your the harvest festival at your church. Do whatever you do. But keep a loaded assault rifle at the door while there are kids around, and then fire through that door into the front yard? That seems a little extreme.

I get that you may have been shot before, and I have no idea what part of town this person lived in, so I can understand being jumpy. I am also not someone who says that they should ban all guns just because there may be valid reasons (not sure this is one of them, but you get what I mean). But come on. Sometimes people are just stupid.