Windows Update Error 0x8ddd0018

Another less-than-friendly hex error from our friends at Windows Update.

Why is it that they cannot write things out and just tell you what the problem is, or even better, how to fix it? That I do not know.

But like last time, the problem here is not hard to fix. In fact, this time around, it might be even easier.

The first thing you need to do is open a command prompt. You can do this with the icon (typically found under “Accessories”) or you can use Start -> Run and type in “cmd”. Whichever is simplest for you is fine. However, you do will need to run this as administrator, so if you are not administrator, you are probably better off using the shortcut and right-clicking to run as administrator where you can confirm the operation.

Once there, you just need to run a single command:

regsvr32.exe wuaueng.dll

This registers a DLL that is responsible for taking care of the error in question, and the next time that the update tries to run the process should be clear, with no problems at all.