DaVinci Last Supper Music Sample

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard about the possibility that Leondardo DaVinci may have hidden notes in The Last Supper.

Whether this is true or not will certainly be a matter of debate – or something you dismiss. But it’s certainly an interesting theory. I think that most people will admit that Leonardo was a genius, or has certainly had enough work attributed to him to be considered a genius at any rate!

So I have been looking to see if I can find a copy of the music, and while there are specials (on Discovery and whatnot), I hadn’t been able to find one online for whatever reason. I have finally managed to find a link to a sample of the music. No idea how long it will be available, but here is the link.

Not being much of a music guy, I don’t know if this is an accurate represenatation of the music in the painting, or how to even compare it. But I did want to record it. I also found another link, which is one of the few that actually points out the notes superimposed on The Last Supper image, so for those of you musically-inclined out there, maybe you can say if it’s accurate or not!