Installing Image::Magick on a Media Temple (dv)

I recently ran into an issue where a (dv) server hosted on Media Temple didn’t seem to have Image::Magick installed. That makes some tasks in Movable Type more difficult (or downright impossible), so that in turn means that it’s time to figure out how to make it happen!

Luckily, Anu has put together a great set of instructions. The only downside is that they don’t work quite right for Media Temple. There are just a few changes that need to be made so that we can get everything working. But still, they get us awfully close.

First, you’ll want to get a copy of ImageMagick. That is the easy part.

Unpack the archive (tar -zxvf ImageMagick.tar.gz) and change to the directory.

Build the installation.

make install

Build PerlMagick. This differs from the other installation a bit – “perl” is all lowercase.

cd PerlMagick
perl Makefile.PL
make install

Test your mt-check.cgi. If it works here, you’re set. If not, you want to edit the /etc/ file and add /usr/local/lib below the last line.

Now run /sbin/ldconfig. This is also different than Anu’s instructions. Check mt-check.cgi one more time. This should do it. Or has for me every time I’ve needed to do the installation, at any rate!