Steve Smith Suspended (Again)

The star receiver for the Carolina Panthers who is perpetually carrying a chip on his shoulder, Steve Smith, is in hot water again. This time for his fight with cornerback Ken Lucas.

No one really knows what exactly happened, but there is not exactly any love lost between the two, especially since they go up against one another regularly during practice. We just know that the war of words is now a war of fists. Or fist, at any rate – Smiths.

The team suspended Smith for just half the suggested time of four weeks, and it will cost him about $200 thousand of the $1.75 million that he is scheduled to make this season. A decent amount for a sucker punch, no?

While it’s a tough blow to Smith, it’s probably an even tougher one to the team, who now has to start the season without a decent option at receiver, since everyone knows that The Angry One is Jake Delhomme’s favorite target, if not his only one. Let’s hope that he takes this suspension to heart.