Bloglines Toolkit 1.7.0

It’s been a monstrous fifteen months since I last updated the Bloglines Toolkit. Frankly, there just isn’t that much of a reason to do so. Unfortunately, the Bloglines Notifier API just hasn’t changed that much. Ever. And since it hasn’t, there just isn’t that much to be done with the toolkit. I did have a branch of the tookit at one time that offered an unread count in the status bar, but since there was so much trouble getting the icon to look right in the first place, I eventually decided against releasing it, and figured I’d just stick with things the way they are.

So why is there an update now? For several reasons. First and foremost, to get some updated languages out there. Some of you may be interested to know that the extension is now available in 13 languages, thanks to the fine folks at BabelZilla. This release includes Danish (da-DK), Italian (it-IT), Korean (ko-KR) and Polish (pl-PL). Second, I wanted to see if things would work in Firefox version 3 (it does), so I updated the MaxVersion string, and made a couple of other tweaks as well. Finally, I updated the copyright dates and web site links.

That’s about it really – functionally, everything else is the same as it ever has been, just in more languages and updated to work in the latest version of Firefox (and it should continue to work in Flock too, but I don’t use Flock, so I don’t know that for sure).

Anyone who is interested in helping to continue the translation effort, head over to BabelZilla and sign up for a language. I’ll include them in the next distribution. Those of you who have already helped out, thanks much!

Get it now. Anyone monitoring for updates may have already been notified that a new version is available. If you haven’t, check for updates – it’s there now!




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  1. Chad Everett Avatar

    Hi Jeff –

    I probably won’t be able to do it in the immediate future, but if you download the current version and open up the install.rdf, then change the “maxVersion” string from 3.5.* to 3.6.* (or something) it should work. Note that I haven’t tested it, so I don’t know if this will work or not – there could be other issues…

    I’ll take a look when I have a minute – and if it requires something else, it might be a bit more involved than that change.