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Scott S. Fraser Gives Me More Stock Picks

A few months back, I profiled the Elite Stock-Market Advisory of Scott S. Fraser, and how I thought it was a remarkably bad investment. As of today, there is a single stock that has actually moved higher from that group, but I have now been chosen as the…

A few months back, I profiled the Elite Stock-Market Advisory of Scott S. Fraser, and how I thought it was a remarkably bad investment. As of today, there is a single stock that has actually moved higher from that group, but I have now been chosen as the lucky recipient of another advisory, so I thought I would see if Scott is doing any better.

The first thing I noticed is there is a featured stock – but there isn’t a basket. What’s even more interesting is that with the exception of one of the stocks from the last group being pointed out as a winner, not a single one is even mentioned in this group. For less than a year later, that’s a warning sign in my book. As to the details, let’s take a deeper look and see what we can learn.

Probably the scariest thing about the original group is that the featured stock, Lusora Healthcare Systems, changed their name to Western Standard Energy, to better reflect the focus of the company. So a small upcoming company focused on healthcare suddenly shifts direction to focus on oil exploration? That’s a warning sign if I ever heard it.

This advisory also mentions Scott’s historical picks.

We get Fox Petroleum (FXPE), picked at $1.08 and rocketed up to $3.56. This one seems like it might be possible. On September 24, the price was $3.56 at close. You’d have to get awfully lucky to sell right then. And you could have bought right when Scott picked it – though if you didn’t sell at the right time, you’d now be down to $1.07, and that was left out.

Then we get True North Energy (TNEN), the lone stock from the last advisory, and it’s mentioned that it was picked at $1.85 and it shot up to $6.02. But I couldn’t find a mention of it at $6.02, and to make matters worse, it’s at $0.30 right now! Perhaps Scott is good at picking things when they go up, but he really needs to let us know when to get out before they go down again!

Next up is Eden Energy (EDNE), chosen for the list at $2.80 and then increasing to $9.96. A good pick to be sure, but it was $9.96 in mid-2005, and it is just $0.78 now, again proving that the important part isn’t picking, it’s telling people when to get out.

An interesting observation because Scott actually points out that hesitation equals lost profits, right there on the front page of his advisory. I can only assume he means to indicate that it’s for getting into a stock, but I think it’s hesitation in getting out in time from one of these clunkers!

You have to do a little more digging to get information on the other stocks in this issue, and it has Ultra Petroleum (UPL), perhaps most unique because it is a stock listed on the NYSE. Here, Scott says that he was the first to recommend it at $1 per share. A fine feat if it’s true, as this stock closed at $3.12 in January of 2001, the earliest I could find (this is a split-adjusted level). So if he recommended it at $1, it was quite a ways back, and I’d like to see evidence of it, because he says that it’s up to $120 pre-split. The odd thing is that right now it’s trading at $68.07 and the last split was in 2005!

The next stock is Pennaco Energy, and Scott says he recommended it at $2.50, which can’t be verified (of course), and he does say that it was bought by Marathon Oil for $19 per share. This last part is true, so again, I’d like to see if he did make this call. If so, it’s the first one he may have right. You can’t always bet on acquisition, but it’s a decent one if he called it as such, rather than just lucking into it.

Finally, on the “why I’m a good stock picker” list, Scott tells us that he said to buy American Oil & Gas under $1 per share, which could have been done as recently as 2004, and it moved “over $8”. This is true, as it hit $8.01 at closing on November 30, 2006. Again, you’d have to time it just right, but it is technically accurate. So know what you’re getting into.

As to Scott’s pick this time around? That would be Park Place Energy (PRPL), which is in good position for oil and gas exploration. He says that you should buy under $1.50. This shouldn’t be a problem, since it’s at 0.89, and it hasn’t done much more since it started trading in late July. If the earlier advisory is any indication, we should see prices of $0.40 before the next year passes. Don’t say that I didn’t warn you!

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Coin McCabe, I have aslo fallen a victin to this guy. He pushed me hard to subscribe to his service, which I did for the first time last year ($45/.) Following his advice I lost a good amount of money. This year again he started chasing me to subscribe a higher fee ($1200.00) for his service, which I derclined. To my surprise in my current C.C. statement I found an unauthorised charge of $45.00 as his fee. At this point I am kind of confused where to start with and how to get my money back. Please do write back if you have a suggestion or passed through a similar experience. Thanks!

Hi Paul –

Thanks for sharing. Definitely make sure to watch out for not only the obvious traps, but those who seem more legit too. Ultimately it’s your money, not theirs.

Also, I just updated the fantasy portfolio on the original post if you want to see how it’s going. Down about 95%!

I just received another “Elite Stock Report” from a guy named Colin McCabe. He comes on like Frazier. He is pushing Gold picks. I have made a list to watch.

Almost every sock of Scotts Went sour. I still have a list. All losers.

In January of 08 after reading a similiar report from Scott Fraser I invested in a company called Jay Hawk. They have a website. The descriptive information described them as an importer of jewelry and other item from the far east. At this point they are described as totally into oil exploration leases. I watched them go from $2.50 down to .13 cents My initial purchase was 200 shares. I keep reading about them and at .30 cents I bought 150 more shares. Well they finally started a rise in December 09. i began to watch. I watched .40 then .60. I saw a favorable relationship with a Canadian company happen. the stock kept rising. They went to $2.10 first of January. The one day they dropped %20%. My $600 dollar investment had risen to $900. So I continued to watch, The very next day It dropped anothe 20%. I sold got my money back and then continued to watch. Today it is at $1.10.

I was able to check insider trading. When the stock hit $2.10 Lindsey Gorrell the President sold quite a few stock. That was 19 Jan. The next day he sold more. That’s when the other noticeable drop happened. I sold on the second drop.

All I know is it took a year but sometime they pump and dump another time. If you lose it may pay to hold and watch till the next rise and get out.
This looks like the company was in on the pump and dump.

Maybe these guys all wine and dine together. Who knows maybe Jayhawk
JYHW:OTC will discover oil or natural gas etc. Fraser said that one of the major oil companies was looking to buy them. I am off that roller coaster.
I now know how to watch even stocks that Jubeck and Cramer recommend knowing that a certain group of people follow these guys blindly soon after they disiminate their news and the stock will rise.

Jubeck and Cramer are not pump and dumpers but the human behavior of the stock buying public is the same.

In my opinion Scott Fraser is a fraud. I believe that he is a paid spokeperson That is all

TNEN is in no way like UPL UPL produces income and TNEN is trading
at .10 / share and couldn’t find oil in a refinery

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