Attracting More Bees with Honey

I’m not always a fan of the cliche, but every once in a while, they do come in handy. For instance, I was in Office Depot one Sunday morning, picking up something, when suddenly a lady simply explodes on the cashier about how she absolutely has to get the item in her basket for the price on the shelf. It seems that since someone neglected to remove last week’s sale price from the item in question, not only does she want to get the discount from last week’s sale, she also wants to get the “buy two, get one free” from this week’s sale.

Now don’t get me wrong here – I’m not against taking advantage of an opportunity when one arises. That isn’t the point, so please don’t let me give you the wrong idea. If the price is still up from last week on the item in question, and the riser has this week’s new sale on it, the lady is likely entitled to the pricing, and I’m all for it.It’s the fact that she’s saving a grand total of fifty cents and she didn’t even have to raise her voice to to it that really has me confused.

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What Do You Consider Offensive?

Obviously, there is a segment of our world that is offended right now, in particular by the words of Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory. This isn’t an unusual happening – nearly four years ago (wow, that was a long time ago!), I wrote about Rush Limbaugh, and while he may have said some offensive things, other issues brought up in the same article may or may not offend you (the use of the word niggardly, for instance, which has nothing to do whatsoever with that other n-word).

Both of these things focus on the African American population, and that isn’t intentional – it was just the only other item I could think of off the top of my head that had written about. I also didn’t realize it had been four years since that other entry. But it can also be something religious that bothers us, or perhaps something lascivious (preferably not something lascivious and religious – that’s a little over-the-top, even for me). Let’s look at a few things that can offend, just so I’m not painted into a corner.

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Scams Can Come in Snail Mail Too

Every few minutes, I receive an email telling me how I’m about to miss out on the latest stock market darling if I don’t act fast enough. I think that many of us do. But I also get something really similar in the mail every couple of weeks. One of these that I received earlier this year was Scott S. Fraser’s Elite Stock Market Advisory. Dated “3rd Week – January 2007”, I figured I’d hang onto it, and see just how well old Scott did with his picks. I mean if he did well, maybe I ought to pay a little more attention not only to him, but to those email messages as well.

So now it’s a little more than six months after I received this letter, and I figured that it’s worth checking back in to see how things have fared over time. Sure, it’s possible that a short-term ride would have done well, but I’m more of a buy-and-hold investor anyway, as I never have time to check in every few minutes. While it’s definitely possible that we may need to check back in after an even longer waiting period, as six months may not be a good measuring stick, it’s a decent estimate, just to see what’s happening. Ready? Here we go!

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