FastStone Capture and Photo Resizer

It’s not often that I use new software. Of course, new releases mean that I have to do so from time to time, but it’s fairly rare that I will actually use entirely new software – it’s just that I’m fairly set in what I use, and I barely have enough time to keep up with what I do now (no comments on posting frequency, please), so installing new software just to play doesn’t happen often.

But every once in a while, I will come across something that I need to do, and at that point, I have to find a tool that becomes a bit of a lesson in just how difficult it is to find something that works and works right to do the job. These days, it seems like everyone wants to put every bell and whistle possible into their applications. Witness the growth of software over the years to see what I mean. That’s why it’s a pleasure to find two simple applications that do their jobs – and do their jobs exceedingly well – that I’d like to tell you about: FastStone Capture and FastStone Photo Resizer.

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