My First Days with Windows Vista

Over the last four days, I’ve spent plenty of time getting up to speed on the latest offering from the boys in Redmond, and so far I’m reasonably pleased with it. It looks plenty pretty. With a few exceptions (the “setting up” dialog as you log in for the first time being one), the interface has a nice makeover from XP. But is it worth upgrading? That I’m not sure about.

The speed is nice, but to be fair, I’m running on a new computer too. So I can’t really say if it’s better than it was or not. Probably not. There’s a lot going on with the new animations and the gadgets in the sidebar (which are neat, but mostly useless), so I suspect that if I tried to install it on an old computer, I would be really dragging. I’ve also noticed that I tend to lose Internet connectivity with some regularity – my IM client goes in and out every few minutes. Plus, driver support blows. Really blows. This is the one area that I absolutely cannot stand.

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