Infrant ReadyNAS NV+

In recent years, USB drives have gained popularity as storage needs have grown. I had a 230 gigabyte drive until perhaps a year or so ago, at which point I outgrew it. Yes, I really do store more than 230 gigabytes, but that’s not what this is about. I’ll talk about that another time. When I did, I bought two 500 gigabyte drives. Those were nearing capacity. Not completely full, mind you, but close enough that I was needing to think about getting something that could hold more. Enter the Infrant ReadyNAS line of products.

They actually come in a number of flavors, which means I had to decide which one I wanted. The ReadyNAS 1000 models are rack mounts, which are nice in that application, but I don’t have a rack at home, so I dropped them. The 600 and X6 don’t appear to support hot-swappable drives, so I skipped them. This left the NV and the NV+. These two are similar, but the NV+ includes an LCD display and EMC Retrospect backup software. But more importantly, you can’t seem to buy the NV without disks (an important distinction). The NV+ it is!

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Why I Won't Shop CompUSA

I have recently decided that I won’t be shopping at CompUSA any more. I may return to view some items prior to purchasing elsewhere, but it’s just too much hassle for me to actually give them any of my money and there are so many other places that are willing to take my money and give some semblance of service, I don’t think there’s any reason to go back to CompUSA. I’d be interested to hear if anyone else has any other experience with them, either here in Charlotte or elsewhere.

To this point, every time I go into one of their stores (admittedly, here in Charlotte, but they do have two), the process has been painful. Usually buying hasn’t been too bad, but sometimes even just getting something can be downright horrible. Why is that? I understand that we don’t live in the “customer is always right” world anymore, but why make it difficult for people to shop? I just don’t get it. Anyway, if you’d like to know why, read on.

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A Fragile Earth That Was a Little Too Fragile

A 175 ton sculpture in Atlanta (that cost a million dollars, no less), built to remind future generations of just how fragile the Earth is, has done just that. Well, except for the fact that it lasted about three months from the time it was originally unveiled, so perhaps it didn’t quite last as long as intended. Your children and mine may not actually be able to see the sculpture, so they might not get the message after all.

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