Bloglines Toolkit 1.6.7

I’m announcing one more update for the Bloglines Toolkit. This one should be the last for a while, and is mostly cosmetic, having to do largely with copyrights, licensing, other dates and such. Still, there is also some clean-up work in the code as well.

Thanks to Yasha, we have managed to locate and squash a couple of small bugs, related to various things that have been in the code for a while, and also fix a couple of outstanding issues that have been introduced with the release of the latest version of Firefox.

This version of the Toolkit seems fairly stable – those of you running auto-update should already have the update by now, so there is no need to update the extension. It’s just an announcement so that you know it is available. Those of you who do not have version 1.6.7 may want to update now, as it will fix a few small issues and get you up-to-date for future enhancements.

If you are one of those who is having issues with unread items, there is unfortunately very little that I can do about this – it appears to be a problem with the Bloglines web services, which is going up and down. It has happened at least twice as I am writing this.

Luckily, you can check your account easily enough by running this in any web browser:

This will return a string that includes your unread count. If it does not work for some reason, then you have found the problem. In testing myself, I found that it is only working regularly perhaps half the time.

This is definitely going to be an issue, because it is where the Bloglines Toolkit gets the count to use in the status bar. This number from time to time will also be well off your actual unread count – something else that the Bloglines Toolkit cannot address. Sorry. You’ll need to take that up with the folks at Bloglines.




15 responses to “Bloglines Toolkit 1.6.7”

  1. Chad Everett Avatar

    Hi Xavi – Thanks for your interest, the updated Toolkit is on its way to you now. I’ve also added the Toolkit to the Babelzilla project, so that anyone who wants to translate the toolkit should be able to do so easily.

  2. Xavi Ivars Avatar


    I’ve been using your Bloglines Toolkit since version 0.9, in English, but now I’ve done a Catalan Translation. I wonder if you could put it in your next release of the Toolkit.

    You can contact me at my email, or my webpage.


  3. Chad Everett Avatar

    Hi Dick – I’ve checked every download link that I can find, and every single one of them appears to a) be the same as the next and b) work. If you can give me some details, I’ll check them out, but other than that, I’m not sure what I can do.

    As to the Bloglines version, I’m afraid that there isn’t anything that I can do there. To my knowledge, they haven’t updated their hosted version for a while. If you have an older version of Firefox, it should install and then upgrade. If not, well, it won’t, but there isn’t a lot I can do, unfortunately. Sorry.

  4. Dick Stapersma Avatar

    I found the cause: Bloglines still distributes an old version of your toolkit. On your blog there are several links to the new version, some give a download error, some don’t. I have the latest version now and it works fine. Although the feed-updates of Bloglines seem to suck, lately. Thanks for your efforts.

  5. Chad Everett Avatar

    Unfortunately, no. I just tried to reinstall it myself and it worked fine. Perhaps you should uninstall and remove the existing extension. Make sure to restart your browser in between.