My First and Last Black Friday

Not terribly long ago, we (that is, my family and I), decided that it was time for a new television set. Thinking that we’re ready to make the leap to a larger screen format, we scoured the “leaked” Black Friday ads and settled on a nice looking model at a retailer who will, for the time being at least, remain nameless. So two weeks before the dreaded day came, we settled in with a plan in mind. Since the doors open at 5am, and tickets were to be handed out at 4am for the item in question, we should aim to get up pretty darn early. No easy feat on the day after Thanksgiving, but we hadn’t done it before, and if we get up early enough, we can do it, be there and back and in bed again.

Think again.

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Civil Disobedience at Wal-Mart

I’m sure most of us have shared the all-too-common experience of being nearly accosted as we leave a Wal-Mart (or other similar place of business), only to be asked for our receipt as we leave, as if we are in the process of stealing whatever we may have in our cart. Yesterday afternoon, I was doing just that with several largish bags of dog food in the cart, when the young lady at the door provided just the opening I needed by saying she needed to see my receipt.

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