Bloglines Toolkit 1.6.5

Well, that was one of the shortest version cycles in history. For those of you who have been using the Bloglines Toolkit for a while, probably not the fastest, but still, it was pretty quick.

Thanks to Norah for pointing out a bug with the search in the context menu, and to a useful post for telling me that a function changed in the latest Firefox release.

So after a quick update, a new version awaits. The auto-update will also take care of this shortly, for those of you who use it. And if you don’t ever use the context search feature in the right-click menu, perhaps you should. Or don’t worry about it for now and let the update take care of itself when it comes along shortly.

If you find any other problems, please let me know so that I can take a look at them and get them fixed as quickly as possible. Thanks for your help.

Update #1: My apologies for the problems (for those of you having them). The hosting account where the download file resides is currently in the midst of a move from one server to another. I believe that this has actually been completed (I am able to access it without problem, at any rate), but I understand that there may still be some issues. Please be patient, and try again shortly if you still have problems.

You may also want to try refreshing or clearing your cache, or if you’re really antsy, you could even try speaking with your ISP about the refresh rate of their DNS records, because there are plenty of people who are no longer having troubles. Best of luck.

Update #2: It appears that over the weekend the subdomains of the site have decided to stop working, so the downloads are currently not accessible. This means anyone who didn’t download the update prior to say Friday probably didn’t get it. I’ve been trying to contact the host about it, as the IP address is correct, but their servers aren’t processing the requests for the data correctly. I’m working to get it back online as quickly as possible.

As to hosting it elsewhere/mirroring the download, I’d prefer not to do so. The problem with that is that it invariably gets out of date. This has happened already at at least two locations (Bloglines itself and the Extension Room are two that I know of, I’m sure that there are more). If those people don’t respond to requests to update, then it’s “frozen” there, and there isn’t anything that I can do about it, which not only makes a mess for you, it makes a mess for me to try and support. Sorry.

Update #3: While the company hosting the downloads hasn’t fixed the subdomain problem, and I’m still working on that, I do think I managed to get around it with some fancy .htaccess tricks. Let me know if you have any problems with the download.




12 responses to “Bloglines Toolkit 1.6.5”

  1. Vili Maunula Avatar

    Sure, I know it’s not really that typical. I just thought that if someone else might be in my situation as well, it could be made an option. But really, no worries about that. I can just type in the URL. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks again for all the quick replies!

  2. Chad Everett Avatar

    I understand what you’re saying, but the problem with that is it’s not exactly what the icon is supposed to do – it’s supposed to allow easy access when there are unread items.

    While you may have unread items at other times, that’s not going to be the typical configuration. What about just creating a bookmark?

  3. Vili Maunula Avatar

    Indeed, but as I have now set only the most important feeds to be monitored by the toolkit, the red icon only shows up every hour or two (as only the very important feeds trigger it).

    At other times, nothing really happens if I press the icon. It would be nice if it still took me to my Bloglines account, so that I can read the other feeds. Especially since I don’t personally really have use for the “click to update” feature, as I use automatic updates anyway.

    But don’t worry about it, if it’s just me asking this. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Chad Everett Avatar

    Sorry, should have mentioned the folders bit. ๐Ÿ™‚

    The left-click will take you to your blogs – provided that something is unread (if the red indicator is active).

    If you have just clicked to go to your blogs, and removed the red icon, you can wait for it to appear, or just click it again to check. Once it’s red again, clicking again will take you to your blogs.

  5. Vili Maunula Avatar

    Just in case someone is reading the comments to this entry and follows my footsteps in converting “Monitored By Bloglines Notifier” feeds to ones that are not monitored, let me just say that I found out that if you use folders you don’t necessarily have to go through all the feeds that you have.

    Instead, it is enough to untick “Monitored By Bloglines Notifier” from the folders, and none of the feeds contained in the folder will be monitored. It saved me a lot of time, as instead of having to go through more than 300 feeds, I only needed to set about 60 folders (I arrange feeds thematically into folders).

    However, one question related to my previous post remains. Chad, would it be possible to give an option to choose what left-clicking the Bloglines statusbar icon does?

    Currently, if no items are found, left-click checks Bloglines for new items. However, as I have set the toolkit to check Bloglines every couple of minutes, anyway, this is a bit superfluous. Instead, I would like left-clicking to take me to my Bloglines account, whether or not new items monitored by the notifier are available. With the number of feeds that I have, there is, after all, always something to read there.

    Once again, thanks a million for this extension, Chad.

  6. Vili Maunula Avatar


    I thought that I had seen something like “Monitored By Bloglines Notifier” somewhere, but for the life of me couldn’t find it when I last looked. But now, knowing that I was not crazy, I took a closer look, and indeed it is there in the options. I must have been blind last time around.

    However, am I correct in assuming that the Bloglines Toolkit will totally ignore the feeds that I don’t have checked as “Monitored By Bloglines Notifier”? If so, does this mean that if none of the feeds have been updated that I have marked to be monitored, clicking the Bloglines Notifier icon will try to update the feed count, rather than send me to my Bloglines page?

    Well, maybe I’ll just have to learn to type the URL if I want to read the non-crucial feeds, then.

    I’m off to modifying my 300 feeds now. Thanks again!

  7. Chad Everett Avatar

    The answer is both no – and yes.

    The answer is no because there is nothing that I can do on the client side to pull that information. The unread count pulled by the notification function is just a simple unread count (that itself is sometimes inaccurate).

    The answer is yes because each of your feeds has an option to be “Monitored By Bloglines Notifier”. Just click on the feed, then “Edit Subscription”, then check the box (or uncheck it) accordingly.

    Unfortunately, this means you’ll need to update each of your 300 feeds, and if you only want to monitor a few of them, it means you’ll need to uncheck the great majority of them – but in the end, you’ll get the functionality that you want.

  8. Vili Maunula Avatar

    First of all, thanks not only for the FF2 update, but also for the extension in general! It’s been such a great little tool, and I shamefully haven’t thanked you for it before.

    Now that I am writing, maybe I can also mention one thing that I have sometimes thought would be great to have in the extension. I have no idea whether the following could be accomplished, but I’ll mention it anyway now that I am here.

    I follow over 300 feeds, generating well over two thousand new items per day, and consequently there is always going to be something to read at my Bloglines account. What the statusbar icon has therefore become for me is a handy tool to see how many unread items there are, as well as the icon functioning as a quick bookmark button in my Firefox Interface. But the little red dot really has very little significance.

    At the same time, some feeds are more important to me than are others. In case of some feeds I would like to react as soon as possible.

    I was therefore wondering if it might be possible to give an option where the user could choose which feeds trigger the small red ball to show up (or perhaps another icon altogether, overriding the red ball), so that if something that really is important to me is updated, I can know it instantly.

    Does this sound like something that could be done? And more importantly, would it be something you might be interested in working on?

  9. Martine Avatar

    Sorry if I’m missing some information that is already here, but I’ve installed Firefox 2.0 and it’s telling me that the Bloglines Toolkit 1.6 doesn’t work with the new version. (I use the Bloglines notifier and love it.)

    The Bloglines web site only offers the old version of the Notifier but you seem to mention an update which I can’t find…

  10. Andrea Avatar

    Hey! Thanks for posting the update for the bloglines toolkit for FF2 ๐Ÿ™‚