Bloglines Toolkit 1.6.4

With the (final) release of the new 2.0 version of the Firefox browser, I’ve updated the Bloglines Toolkit to a new version. If you’re using the auto-update feature, you should be prompted when you install, or when you check if you’ve already installed.

If for any reason that doesn’t work for you – for instance, if you don’t already have the Toolkit installed, or if the update isn’t working for any reason – then you may want to download a fresh copy, which should get things cleared up for you, so that the automatic updating process can get started again with the next version.

Speaking of Firefox version 2, if you’re using it (which you probably are if you’ve read this far), you may want to know that the browser offers handy, built-in one-click subscription options, courtesy of the the Mozilla Foundation. So if you use the Toolkit only for subscribing, that may be an even better option for you.




2 responses to “Bloglines Toolkit 1.6.4”

  1. Chad Everett Avatar

    This should be fixed in Version 1.6.5, available now.

  2. norah Avatar

    “Search for %S” of a context menu includes a bug.