Firefox 2 Released

While Firefox 2 was actually released yesterday, it’s still pretty decent news, because a lot of folks have been waiting for a while, and the improvements are decent. Thus far I’m not certain that I would say that it deserved a jump all the way to version 2 (it seems more like a move to 1.6 was in order), but it’s an improvement, from what I can tell.

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The Elusive Blockbuster Rewards Certificate

Towards the end of August, I wrote about our experience with Blockbuster Rewards. I’m sad to say that this has not improved much. But I do have some interesting news to report. I can’t yet say if I’ve cracked the code, but during the month of September, I was able to make some progress, and we came home with the coupon that allows us to get a free rental during the month of October. Now we just need to see if we can keep track of the thing and remember to take it back next month. So without further ado, a quick refresher, and then how you can try and get yours.

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