Stupid is as Stupid Does

When did people get so dependent that they actually expect to get pulled out of whatever mess that they’ve gotten themselves into? I realize that it makes me sound completely heartless, and perhaps I just am completely heartless, but come on. This family is in Lebanon and they’re upset that they are unable to get out.

Among their comments, things like “They (presumably Israel, but I’m not certain) did not even drop leaflets to tell them (a family who was killed) that they (Israel again, I guess) were going to bomb (prior to dropping said bombs)…”. You’re in a war zone people. If you get hit by a bomb, it makes it all right if someone dropped leaflets first?

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Treasure Hunters Challenge: Week 5

The fifth challenge provides a new clue from Laird on our phone: The Fulton Paddleboat was a key form of transportation up until the civil war. banks used them to transport gold to hiding places safe from military coffers. as Union forces advanced, soldiers became treasure hunters as they searched for these hidden deposits. you are to take this paddleboat upriver to where one of these American treasures was discovered. The paddleboat also plays a prominent role in some of the writings of Mark Twain, which will come into play later.

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Treasure Hunters Challenge: Week 4

The fourth challenge takes place in two locations. Opening the phone provides the first clue from Laird: The photograph you are looking at is called a stereograph. This particular one is of a union navy patrol boat on the James River in Virginia. Stationed aboard was a young inventor. It is his place with the Muckers that will find you your next clue. The second location will come up as we proceed.

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Scott Adams on Flag Burning

I’ve always thought the idea of an amendment to ban the burning of flags was a bit idiotic, since you’re actually supposed to burn flags in order to appropriately destroy them. But Scott Adams (the creator of Dilbert, don’t you know) stepped up to the plate recently to set forth why it really makes little sense. Perhaps our “dedicated public servants have finally solved the problems of crime, drugs, war, poverty, terrorism, healthcare, immigration, and the mystery of why our children are such idiots compared to Norwegians”. Yay!

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Treasure Hunters Challenge: Week 3

The third week’s challenge takes place at the Fort at West Point. General Kosciuszko, patriot and close friend of Jefferson, designed many of the fortifications that helped decide the revolution, most notably the one West Point that serves as the focus for this week’s challenge. This particular stronghold was once Fort Benedict Arnold, however the name changed when we discovered he was selling out to the British.

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