Multi-user Small Business Accounting

As I play more with Small Business Accounting (SBA), I actually like it more and more. It has a ways to go, but I like it. However, I want to do some testing with the multi-user settings. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, the multi-user settings have broken.

While I could have sworn they were working previously, when I had no domain on the installation, now that I have installed SBA on a domain server, every time I try to work with the settings, I get an error.

Google led me to this KB page, which describes the issue as being a problem if Internet Connection Sharing is not turned on. Allegedly, the problem is fixed in service pack 2 of Small Business Accounting. Service Pack 2? Just to be sure, I visited Microsoft Update, and sure enough, I received SP1 (which I had before, but lost when I reinstalled), but no SP2 was found.

Using the link on that previous page, I found my way to the description of Service Pack 2, which in turn has a link to the download. It’s a good sized download (42.3 MB), which once downloaded and applied, resolved the problem. Easy. Now it just tells me that the user can’t be found. Not sure how that is, but at least I’m one step closer.

Update: Figured out that last step. Small Business Accounting defaults to the computer name, even though it says ‘domain name’, in the multi-user settings, even on a domain controller. So make sure you select the domain – even if you’re on the domain controller – and you should be okay.

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