To Beep or not to Beep

Wow. I haven’t posted for a really long time. Sorry about that. Nothing intentional. I just forgot. And have been busy on other things. I’ll try and do better. I promise.

Anyway, I had to call Equifax the other day. It seems that two of my credit accounts had disputes on them. One of them I can understand. I didn’t know what it was. So I probably disputed it at some point, and since it was never resolved, it still had a dispute. The other was our regular, every day credit card, so I have no idea why it was under dispute.

So I dutifully pressed numbers through the phone tree and tried to get myself to the right place. 30 minutes later I was still on hold, and my wife comes in to tell me that she had completed her call (also to Equifax, started about 20 minutes after mine). It seems she didn’t press any numbers whatsoever. After another 10 minutes or so on hold, I gave up, did a few more things, and called back – but instead of following the tree, I just sat there like a bump on a log. And ten minutes later I had someone answer the phone.

Of course I’ll never know if I would have been helped sooner had I held on. But you just have to wonder.

Importing Account Transactions in Money

I’ve used Microsoft Money in one form or another for years. If I had to put a number on it, I’d say since 1997, but I’m just not sure if that’s right or not. I want to say that was the year they released it, but I just don’t recall for certain.

Over that time, I’ve manually entered many receipts, and I’ve tried most features of the program, though I still steadfastly refuse to upload my personal financial data to Microsoft’s servers. Sorry, Billy.

But the last months have had me falling further and further behind and I needed to get caught up on some credit card transactions for, oh, five months or so. So I needed to do something. I figured it was time to check out the importing functionality again. Unfortunately the online features require said uploading. But simply importing a QIF file don’t. To do that, I can use the Money Import and there they are.

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Cook Out Restaurant

The Cook Out is an interesting beast because no one can seem to figure out where they’re based. I’ve heard reports that they are out of Greensboro (NC), but they don’t seem to have a web site at this writing, and it just doesn’t seem to be anything that anyone can verify.

Nonetheless, the company is doing something right. Their down-home style, the original hamburgers “cooked outdoors style”, the 36 “creamery” premium milkshakes and the retro styling of the building has kept the double drive-thru near our house hopping since they opened nearly six months ago.

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VLC Media Player

VLC (initially VideoLAN Client) is a pretty full-featured media client that offers a ton of features, including one really useful one: Being able to play protected AAC files without the need for iTunes. Yes, you have to have your keys, but you don’t have to have iTunes. Find your iTunes keys, copy them to your computer, and the content plays. As simple as that. Is it perfect? No, it doesn’t seem to be perfect. But it’s a start.

Update: It doesn’t seem to work on songs purchased with iTunes 6. Sorry, didn’t mean to give you false hopes.

Please Wait While Domain List is Created

You may see this error message pop up in a dialog box while trying to login, specifically when you try and change the domain. To get the box to go away, press CTRL-ALT-DEL. To remove the problem entirely, make sure that your DNS is configured properly, by pointing the DNS servers to the domain controller for your network.

The DNS Entries for This DC are not Registered Correctly

This error message comes from an incorrect DNS configuration. I think it was because my DNS was pointing to my ISP’s DNS server (techncally, to my router, which pointed to my ISP).

By configuring my domain controller (DC) with DNS, which in turn forwarded requests to the ISP, and then pointing all DNS to the DC, it seemed to resolve the issue. To get the DC to rebuild the DNS, run dcdiag /fix from a command prompt and/or restart the netlogon service.

Multi-user Small Business Accounting

As I play more with Small Business Accounting (SBA), I actually like it more and more. It has a ways to go, but I like it. However, I want to do some testing with the multi-user settings. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, the multi-user settings have broken.

While I could have sworn they were working previously, when I had no domain on the installation, now that I have installed SBA on a domain server, every time I try to work with the settings, I get an error.

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