Congressman Robin Hayes just called me!

I am so proud. I just received a message from Congressman Robin Hayes. Who would have thought that he would called me personally? I sure wouldn’t have expected it! Even stranger, when he called, the caller ID came up as a Private Name and Private Number.

Isn’t it odd that our elected representatives should choose to keep their contact information private when they call us? How come we don’t have the choice to get off their calling list or mailing list? We are bombarded constantly with images of them, in the newpaper, on postcards and on television, their voices on the radio on even on our telephones.

I bet they’d rase cain if I tried to play them a recorded message about how unhappy I am about them wasting tax dollars on this nonsense. But it’s okay for them to do it to us. That’s government for the people. And you wonder why I think the government is wasteful? Exhibit A.

Update: Ah well, apparently I can’t complain about the government today. At least not right now.

According to Elizabeth in Congressman Hayes’ Concord office (704-786-1612), they are not responsible for these calls, and they are coming from an organization called Working America. Allegedly there is no connection between the two. In any case, you can contact Working American at 202-637-5137. I spoke with a lovely lady there by the name of Laurie (perhaps spelled diferently) who said that she would remove my name from their list. We’ll see.