Our Armor or No Armor

In the latest twist of the Iraq saga, Army officials have apparently banned the use of any armor other than that issued by the military. That’s just stupid.

I appreciate that you don’t want someone to feel that they are safe when they are not. I appreciate that something defective may cause some sort of harm. But when you can’t provide the armor, you can’t tell them that they’ll just have to do without.

Tony n' Tina's Wedding

Since we didn’t make it out to any shows the night before, we decided to try and find something to do on our last night before heading home, and since we didn’t want to stay out too late, we found the 5pm showing of Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding to be perfect for our needs. We showed up about 4:30pm, as instructed, and settled right in.

The cast of the show started filling the area not long after, with a photographer and videographer making the rounds, as well as various siblings and other wedding party members mingling with the growing crowd. Just before 5pm, we filed into the Chapel of Love for the ceremony itself, and witnessed the tying of the knot – for somewhere around the 3700th time (figuring 6 times per week for 12 years now).

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France to the Rescue

While the ruling out of France that Apple must open iTunes continues to rumble, and some celebrate, you just have to wonder – how much is France worth, anyway? Will it even matter? Just what happens if Apple doesn’t comply? They aren’t allowed to offer a French version of the software, perhaps? No more iPods for their citizens maybe? I don’t know.

But it seems to me that the government – and by that, I mean any government, and not just the US – to decide that Apple isn’t playing fair isn’t likely to make a bit of difference, unless they can get a whole lot of other counties to follow suit.

I mean it isn’t like France is isolated or anything. How long can it take someone in France to get to, say, England, Italy or Spain, pick up an iPod, and get back? Or maybe they’ll hop on down to pick up some alternative player instead and Steve Jobs will miss out on a few stock options. Does it really matter so much?

No Postage Necessary

I’m sick of getting mail that I don’t want. Sure, I’ve signed up at the DMA. It helped. I’ve told the credit bureaus that we don’t want unsolicited offers. But we still get them. Three in the last two days.

So I have a new idea. I’m just going to return their postage-paid envelopes to them. No note, not even a return address, because frankly I don’t want to take the time. I’m just going to return the favor of sending them something useless. I know it doesn’t mean anything. It makes me feel better.

The Exploding Baking Dish

Last night, as I was preparing dinner, I – very intelligently, as you will find out shortly – sat the baking dish to hold the casserole on the range. I likely wouldn’t have done this previously, since we didn’t have a flat range, and the range that we did have wouldn’t have had the room. So I guess you could consider that a strike against both a flat range surface and replacing a smaller range top with a larger one.

That alone probably wouldn’t have been an issue. Then I turned on the pan to start cooking the chicken when it came out of the microwave. Unfortunately, I turned on the burner underneath the baking dish. That was probably the problem, though it may have simply been bad enough that it was ‘soaking up’ some heat from adjacent burners.

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What happened to Kenny Rogers?

Watching Good Morning America, and Kenny Rogers is singing now. I realize he can’t be the Santa Clause-looking guy he was in the 80s (in fact, I winced when that picture came on earlier). But wow – he looks like he’s had a lot of work done, he has an odd fake-looking tan and a strange goatee and an alternative band hairdo. Sure, the sound is about the same, but wow. It doesn’t look like the same guy. What happened?

Rebuilding Empty Categories

One thing that I’ve seen requested from time to time is the ability to rebuild empty categories. The problem is that Movable Type doesn’t make this easy to do because when you rebuild entries, the rebuild routine loops over the entry table in order to determine which categories to rebuild. If a category doesn’t have entries, it isn’t selected for the rebuild process. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get around this limitation.

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