Do taxes equal patriotism?

As I’m driving (shh), I notice none other than Uncle Sam out on the road, waving at people. That’s nice of him. Appears he’s been hired on to promote a tax service around the corner from us. I don’t get it. Is he saying that I should feel patriotic when I pay taxes? Because I usually feel something completely different, and not nearly as enjoyable.

A little further down, the Statue of Liberty also put in an appearance. Say what you will about patriotism, but there’s no way you’ll get me to see how paying taxes can make me feel I’m being successful in the pursuit of liberty.

2 Replies to “Do taxes equal patriotism?”

  1. Ideally you are paying your part for all the goods and services the government provides for you. So your paved expressways, your clean water, your nation and international safety are all being payed for this way.

    Though most American’s don’t look at it that way due to massive overspending and pork barrel projects. They are enough to make _anyone_ a little cynical about taxes.

    But in _theory_ in _theory_ it is rather nobel to provide the government [and even needy fellow citizens] the monetary funding to insure this great nation stays great.

    In theory.

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