American Community Survey

Did anyone else receive one of these? According to their web site, US Code Title 13, sections Section 141 and Section 193 your response is required by law.

In reality, those sections outline that The Secretary (who is presumably defined elsewhere) can take surveys as a part of their census process. It is Section 221 that requires you to respond:

Whoever, being over eighteen years of age, refuses or willfully neglects, when requested by the Secretary, or by any other authorized officer or employee of the Department of Commerce or bureau or agency thereof acting under the instructions of the Secretary or authorized officer, to answer, to the best of his knowledge, any of the questions on any schedule submitted to him in connection with any census or survey provided…

That’s just a crock.

Oh, sure, census information is useful and all that. It’s just the principal of it. I guess I’ll have to ask the nice lady who came to my door for some evidence that she is an authorized officer or employee of the Deparment of Commerce, or a bureau or agency thereof acting under the instructions of The Secretary.

Heck, I’d pay the $100 if it weren’t for Title 18, Section 3571 (allegedly Section 3559 as well, but that seems to deal with imprisonment and not monetary fines). With it on the books, the “not greater than $100” fine becomes “not greater than $5000” fine. That really blows.

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  1. Cathy & Robert, thank you for your posts. I wrote to my congressman back in April about Chem Trails that were in our skies every day since January. Surprisingly I received a letter from his staff or from him (who knows) saying that he acknowledged what I said and that as soon as the topic came up in session, he’d address it. I wasn’t impressed by that answer but you know what? The chem trails stopped the next week and they have not been in the sky one day since May. My sister said that the people who are funding the chem trails are saving their money for other things right now so when the money comes back, the chem trails will be back. I will keep you posted if and when I receive a response back from this latest letter to my congressman. As far as the editorial I want to write, I’m working on it now. I live in a town that is big enough and still has a lot of God fearing people in it who read the paper. I am hopeful the newspaper will print every word. God Bless you guys. Keep it up…

  2. I know more than you think about gov power and rights. I have been ranting about it all my life. Way before there was such a thing as identity theft, I live in a state which sold personal info on everyone who had a driver’s license until the state legislature stopped it. After that license fees were raised substantially. The Constitution requires citizens to serve on juries and then the state take advantage of the requirement to invade privacy as part of “jury selection”. Then that info becomes part of the public record. How nice!
    I have been guarding what little liberty and privacy I have had for decades. Everyone thought I was totally nuts and now more individuals are seeing what I have known for a long time. Now is the time to fight to restore the Constitution and boot the DC elites out of office and out of our lives or the system will collapse and do it for us.


    Cathy…by the mere act of walking into a traffic court you are as much as “waiving” all of your Constitutional rights and submitting to so called “administrative code” whether you openly “agree” to it or not. You would be staggered senseless by how much fedgov has ruthlessly stripped you of and taken from you whether you have “agreed” to it or not. Now the hideously pitiful few true patriots we’ve got left in this country are cursed to spend their lives fighting to get some trace of our freedoms back.

  4. A law that we are corporations???? I’d ask that person for facts and specific documents to back that up. We are private citizens in spite of the anyone wanting us to believe otherwise. We are not a corporation unless we file paperwork with our state to establish one. All capital letters is a “style” thing. Rules for driver’s licenses are done at the state level not the federal level. Some legal documents use all caps to avoid variations in spelling since a variation can indicate a different entity. We don’t lose our privacy unless we agree to lose it.

  5. To Christina:

    Writing to “your” dubiously elected or to the local or nearest mainstream tripe sheet is largely a waste of time but by doing so and keeping a copy, you are at least executing what the courts refer to as “building a record”—-if you write to a press rag you should demand to see the edited version of your letter as it will appear in print FIRST…this is known as “right of preemption” because the copy ed can completely gut the meaning and impact out of your letter just by leaving out a couple or three words or throwing in a few strategic “typos”—they engage in the practice constantly and that is why nearly all of the “op columns”, “open mikes” and “letters to the editor” universally read as so spineless, limp wristed and nauseatingly stupid—and your comments are just going to get buried in with all that dreck and be nothing but a face in the crowd…

    Contacting your local congress creep is just about as futile as back in the ’70s the average congress type received over a hundred letters per day complaining about the antics of the i.r.s. alone and chances are better than excellent that those letters never got past the staffers that get paid obscene salaries for reading and discarding them….what is being done now is fax bombardment—they CAN’T ignore those things and enough of those guys flooding out their office can cause quite a bit of consternation.

    As regards the driver’s “license” issue, travelling is NOT a “privilege” as per the bald faced lies of the DMV and in particular I have demanded of the Cal State DMV (Den of Mutant Vipers) that they show me the statute —lawfully enacted or otherwise—that says that it is a so-called “privilege” and they have never responded because they CAN NOT and they damned well know it.

    You should get on the net and google “Free Enterprise Society” (it is in Clovis near Fresno, CA), and explore the wealth of information there about how the banksters that run this country now have stripped us of our Constitutional rights by way of so called “commercial code” or “equity” or “chancery” aka “admiralty law”—and the driver’s license issue is but one of many ways the Wall Street “government” has sodomized us bow-legged out of our CommonLaw rights and freedom.

  6. Hello Everett,
    I too received this 28 page survey. I’ve written a 2 page letter to my congressman this week. I think that writing an editorial in the local newspaper is a good next step. The phone calls have started and I’m sure someone will be coming to the door soon. I believe that we all should uphold our freedoms. Someone told me that there was a law passed that says we are no longer private citizens but that we are corporations. It has to do with our drivers licenses and how our first and last name on it appears in all capital letters. Do you know about this? Thank you for the work that you are doing. I will keep reading and watching. God Bless

  7. File under: Defending the Indefensible

    Scott Shane (Bloomberg Business) contributes his mindless dribble in, “Cutting the Census Funding Will Hurt Small Business”. Gadd, it never ceases to amaze me how THICK these socialist central planners are.The ACS isn’t so bad because, well….. the law protects your data. Nice try! Promising to protect the data after collection doesn’t justify invading my privacy to collect it. Promises don’t protect against mistakes.

    Dear Scott believes that the ACS is a “critical tool” for academics, businesses and lawmakers, who use it to figure out what’s happening within our population, interpreting societal shifts, focusing resources, and forging policy. It is used to calculate the impact of proposed and existing gov policies on businesses including the Start up 2.0 and Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and identification of economic “Empowerment Zones”, which are subject to special incentives for business owners to locate there. Hey, Scott…… have you noticed what the REAL world looks like lately? Our society is too big to be controlled or managed by BIG gov socialists! What works in one area may not work in another.

    The Start Up Act 2.0 is meant to make it easier to immigrants to work and start businesses in the US. The ACS data might show whether immigrants are more or less likely than native born to start businesses. And we care because?…
    The health reform law, which Scott admits that the businesses don’t like, will then be studied further so that those academics and policy makers can see the impact of the law. Well, wooptie-doo! Let me cut to the chase on the impact of gov policies……… The ACS is a total waste of time and creates mindless busy work. The not-so-Affordable care act along with high priced energy (thanks for not drilling, etc), devaluing the dollar (thank you FED and stimulus), high unemployment (higher than reported) and consumers afraid to spend, is what is whacking businesses, unless those business can lobby for gov (taxpayer) cash to stay alive. I think the small businesses would benefit more from a gov restrained by the Constitution, allowing for more prosperity. The death of the ACS is coming. The excuses supporting it are getting less plausible, if they were ever plausible at all.

  8. Shelly, There is going to be no fine. It is all to scare people into answering the questions. The harassment ends after 90 days. Since you have the field reps appearing, you are in the last phase, which will end at the end of this month. The CB doesn’t take no for answer very easily, so expect them to continue to the end.

    Robert, The bill to end the ACS is stalled. The commies in the Senate won’t pass it, so the bill will die. All the data junkies and social science commies have been having a total meltdown over the possibility of being separated from their beloved data. Little do they realize that all the whining won’t give leverage to their cause. The ACS will go down when the public won’t tolerate it and not because congress decides to eliminate it.

  9. Ever since having sent the above letter of mine to Groves and others, there has very suddenly ensued a total silence…I now hear from no one: not the Senseless Bureau; Groves; the field rep, Cramer; the Western District Supervisor; no one. Perhaps they have decided to back off because I dug my heels in or perhaps they are engaging in submarine warfare and running silent hoping I get complacent and therewith less vigilant so the more easily to be set up for a Sunday….who in the Hell knows?

    Any event, within about a day or so of e-casting and mailing out the reply asserting the Constitution as the Supreme Law, I got an email stating that the House had passed a bill flatly abolishing the “rolling census” or acs. I don’t know if this has passed the bolschevista-ridden Senate or not at this time. Guess we will just have to play the old waiting game.

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