The UAE Ports Deal

Ted has another post about the UAE ports deal (which in turn references another post). I’ve been reasonably quiet to this point because I don’t have much to say. This pretty well sums it up.

In a nutshell: The people running the port at the highest and lowest levels aren’t likely to change in any significant capacity, so who cares who gets the profit from the deal? The security is going to be bad regardless of whether it is run by the UAE, the British or the US, so who cares? Spend the time and money on fixing the problems, not making problems where none exist.

People Are Just Stupid

A reader of Scott Adams’ blog has written in to express her concern over the willy-nilly way in which Mr. Adams portrayed the listless, drunken, bib-wearing hillbilly in a recent cartoon. Get a life, people. It’s a comic strip, and if you don’t like it, look away.

On Liberty and Sharing the Wealth

Sharing the wealth. Popular phrase. It’s all the rage. Of course, these days it means that those who have somewhat more than others, relatively speaking, are going to be required to give up some of that so that the others can get some.

Walter Williams talks about the concept, where he points out that someone who holds to the liberties as envisioned by the framers of our society will be soundly defeated if they try and stick to such a concept.

Guess he’s right.

As an aside, the local paper printed this Williams column in today’s paper, while his site shows it was published on the 5th. Talk about being behind.

Old Time Fried Zucchini

One of my favorite veggies (or fruits, perhaps – I’ll leave that argument for you) is the zucchini. Of course, it’s probably because I usually fry it. But I still really like those zukes. This simple recipe is not only easy to make, it’s messy fun and it doesn’t require much in the way of fancy preparation.

Start with the zucchini. Slice them into whatever size chunks you’d like to eat. I typically create thin cross-slices, but you could just as easily make chunks or slice it long-wise. For our family of four, about a zuke and a half does the trick. One is too little and two is often too much.

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That's Just Stupid

A 12-year old finds himself in trouble at school because he took some powdered sugar with him one day. He allegedly made a joke in the bathroom about it really being cocaine, then said “just kidding”. Stupid? Sure. But come on people. He’s twelve years old.

To illustrate that such stupidity is not restricted to men, an Australian woman has apparently been arrested for asking for quiet in a theater. To clarify: She did touch the woman she was trying to quiet. But come on now. Leave your phone on, then have the audacity to not only answer it but have a conversation? You ought to be slapped, not gently touched on the arm. (via)

Let's Make Up Numbers

Apparently there’s a piracy boom in Latin America. Music and video media is ripped off and sold for prices way below what the giant media companies would give you. I’m not advocating piracy – I think if the companies provide us with the entertainment, they ought to reap the rewards. Too many people are digging that socialist vibe where big companies are evil. I don’t.

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Live, Shop, Work

By all accounts, the building of combined commercial, residential and retail developments is taking off. Some argue that the problem from here is that these creations are built as commercial properties becuase of zoning regulations, which in turns pushes up the price of the residentail portion, perhaps to a level where it no longer makes economic sense.

That may be true, but to me it seems more like the people who think that someone will live in the place where they work is pretty unlikely. Sure, it’s nice to be located near the grocery store or some other place where you shop – but it doesn’t seem to me as if the people living there will also want to work there.