Moving Databases with SQL Server

Today I needed to move some databases. Data files, technically, but it’s essentially the same concept. Instead of moving both the data file and the log file to another machine, I just moved the data file to the other drive, as having the data files on one drive and the log files on another speeds the access a bit. Everything else is identical to moving from one machine to another.

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On Open Source Licensing

All of the extensions and plugins that I’ve written (I think) are licensed under the Open Software License. Heck, the site itself is too. This means, in a nutshell, that you can do whatever you want with these things, and I’m not responsible for the outcome. Even if I happen to use something copyrighted – which I wouldn’t do intentionally – it’s your problem to figure that out, not mine.

In exchange for not being held liable for what it does to your system, you get the right do do what you want with that product, whether it is a plugin, extension or just some random thoughts. I’ve “washed my hands”, as they say. And in general, I have no problem with that whatsoever. It just isn’t an issue.

But in recent days, weeks, months or some other indeterminate amount of time, I’ve decided that perhaps this isn’t the best idea.

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