What's Good for the Goose

Okay, it’s not really a typical goose-gander illustration. But I have to say that I side with Joe Horn when he says Jim Mora ought to be fined. Horn is understandably touchy about the subject, with his own huge fine for the ill-fated touchdown celebration. But really – the coaches really need to stick to the rules too.

Too Much Time on Their Hands

I find it interesting that people are so quick to jump on something these days. For instance, I’ve been helping the folks at Broadband Mechanics put together a plugin to allow for structured blog content (creatively named Structured Blogging).

True to form, we get an entry on the MT forums about how the (Movable Type) platform is lagging in new features and if that doesn’t change, options will need to be reconsidered.

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Money for Nothing

Everyone knows the government spends a ridiculous amount of money on fighting “terrorism” and it doesn’t really do much. Do you feel safer knowing the government is on the job? I sure don’t. I’m ticked that they introduce delays, close down access and generally make life more difficult, all while putting our country deeper in debt and accomplishing absolutely nothing.

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Firefox Tab Navigation via Keyboard

While I’m sure everyone else in the world knows this, apparently in Firefox (at least version 1.5, under Windows XP), you can switch between tabs with your arrow keys. Holy Robin Hood, Batman!

You see, I’ve been trying to decide if I could do without the LastTab extension since I installed version 1.5 and it was automatically deactivated, and as of now, the answer is “yes!”, because I stumbled on this feature by accident (and I haven’t seen it documented anywhere).

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HTML Titles with Quotes

As I was working on a project, I noticed that the page was no longer rendering in IE (6.0, XP). Strangely, the title had turned into just the URL, as if there was none, and the styles were gone.

On a whim, I moved the title attribute above some meta tags, and it jumped right up on the page, indicating an apparent problem within those meta tags. Sure enough, after looking for just a moment, I found a set of double quotes contained within the tag. Oops.

Apparently IE (6.0, XP) doesn’t like this. Interestingly enough, IE on a Mac (5.2, I think I was told) and Firefox, on either Mac or PC, interpreted the string correctly.