Take That, TO

While it was hard to stop Terrell Owens on the field, he has become frighteningly human off of it. An arbitrator ruled in his greivance case, saying that the Philadelphia Eagles are allowed not only to suspend him for four games, but to deactivate him for the rest of the season.

Owens is too good a player for someone not to take a chance on him next year as a free agent, but they have got to be wondering. I bet TO won’t see quite the signing bonus this time around, and instead will find a contract laden with performance and behavior clauses.

If he doesn’t, the team that pays him like he has been should be benched. Give the job to someone who appreciates it instead of this moron.

One Reply to “Take That, TO”

  1. I consider T.O. a great tradegy. He is incredibly talented, but does not play well with others. Here in Philly, his situation has been all the talk.

    Had he acted as an adult, he might have gone down in history as one of the greats of all time. A commentator for ESPN on one of the local stations said the McNabb should have settled his beef with T.O. in the locker room. As it was, he let T.O. poison the whole team. As I say, it is a tradgedy.

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