Reading PDF Files with GIMP

I’ve been using the GIMP for a while now. Part of it is that I don’t really want to spend a ton of money on something like Photoshop when I really don’t need to do image manipulation that often. GIMP has worked wonderfully for me. But yesterday, I needed to read in a PDF file, make some changes, and save it back out (as an image, not a PDF). The problem? When I tried to open it, I received an error saying something like “Error starting ghostscript: Failed to execute child process (Invalid argument) “. What to do?

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Gas Prices are Falling

On a quick trip this morning, I noticed gas at $2.13, $2.12 (three stations) and $2.09 (six). Impressively low results. Hard to believe that it was 50% higher just a few weeks ago. I’ve heard reports of sub-$2 gas in some areas of the country. Anyone seen it in the Charlotte market yet?

Take That, TO

While it was hard to stop Terrell Owens on the field, he has become frighteningly human off of it. An arbitrator ruled in his greivance case, saying that the Philadelphia Eagles are allowed not only to suspend him for four games, but to deactivate him for the rest of the season.

Owens is too good a player for someone not to take a chance on him next year as a free agent, but they have got to be wondering. I bet TO won’t see quite the signing bonus this time around, and instead will find a contract laden with performance and behavior clauses.

If he doesn’t, the team that pays him like he has been should be benched. Give the job to someone who appreciates it instead of this moron.

Tracking with Google Analytics

I recently signed up for Google Analytics to see what sort of web site tracking they offered. I like the idea of easily-accessible data, and Google has typically been very good at providing just what I need.

Since the service has apparently received overwhelming response, Google has turned off the ability to sign up for new profiles. Presumably this will be back soon. I hope so, because I was waiting until things worked on one site to set up the other. Yes, I know you can track two sites using the same code with filters. I didn’t want to do that.

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Event Tracking with Eventful

The Events and Venues Database (EVDB) has apparently changed names to Eventful (though the company name appears to remain EVDB). I’m always a proponent of the shorter name, so I can understand the name change, and it may do very well. While “EVDB” may have caught on eventually, it probably wouldn’t have been universal, with some people complaining about the mouthful of the longer version.

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Deleting Document from Printer

I managed to get a document into a “stuck” state. The printer showed the document in the list, and it would show it as paused, as printing, as deleting. But it would never do anything. The solution? Restart the print spooler service. Worked like a champ.

Of course, now I have another document hung up, but I know how to deal with it. And then I can try to figure out the problem with this thing.

Let's Hear it for Foxy

Even though Carolina Panthers coach John Fox was outed by New York Jets coach Herman Edwards as having earned the nickname of Crash in college for his hard-hitting play, he’ll always be Foxy to us.

Why? When asked about the team’s record (currently 7-2) and what it meant for the future, Foxy responded: “We are 7-2,” he said. “The worst we can do is 7-9. That is all I know.”

Heh. Even though some of the defensive players are starting to talk a little smack, Foxy is keeping it real. Well done.

Our Kids are Better than TO

So now it’s official. TO has officially apologized. But as I read the story, I have to say that I’m still completely baffled. He reportedly said, to Donovan McNabb, “I apologize to him for any comments that may have been negative.” That’s pathetic.

Our kids are 10 and 8, and they’re already learning that when you apologize, you apologize. You say “I’m a moron and would be eternally grateful to you if you even consider being my friend again, because I know what I said was stupid and inconsiderate.”

What you do not say is something ambiguous that just barely qualifies as an apology. I hope he does get cut, and that no other team wants him. Maybe then he’d figure it all out.