The Science of Quicksand

Apparently quicksand isn’t as deadly as we have been led to believe. While we may be sucked in rather rapidly, humans are apparently not supposed to completely sink into the muck. Getting out, however, could very well be a difficult process, as the more you move the more you agitate the mix, making it more and more challenging to get out of this predicament. Still, it’s refreshing to know that it won’t kill you. Unless you are on a beach and the tide comes in. Then it could get ugly.

On a somewhat related note, we were oyster, uh, fishing (oystering?) many years ago in Washington State and I recall that my dad got stuck in an area of the mud that just didn’t want to give up the boot. He eventually slid his foot out of the footwear, leaving it for the tide. I have no idea if it was quicksand, but it certainly sounds similar. Glad he gave up the boot instead of waiting for the tide to come in.

Phone Booths on the Comeback

So apparently at least one enterprising individual has decided to offer phone booths for public places. Not for pay phones, but for use by those on cell phones. While I think the idea has merit, how many people do you see getting up to go to a booth, instead of just continue to jabber away right at their table? Probably not many. But we’ll see.

Anna Nicole is Supreme

Really. Anna Nicole Smith is taking her inheritance case to the supreme court (and they are going to hear it). Wow. Now I’m not against Anna Nicole getting her props and all, and I don’t really know a thing about the whole spat other than the few details that I pick up here and there. But I’m just thinking that somewhere along the line someone should have done something so that the highest court in the nation doesn’t have to deal with this kind of thing. John Roberts will soil himself.

A Lack of Courtesy

I had a drama teacher who initiated me to the concept of common courtesy. Mostly because she had this habit of saying “Common courtesy dictates…”, which we, a bunch of high-schoolers, picked up on readily, saying it here and there and everywhere. I’m not actually sure we learned much about the concept, but we at least knew about the term.

It’s becoming readily apparent that most people these days have no clue about the concept.

I was in the bank a few moments ago, and a lady in the line next to me left her keys on the counter. I asked her if they were hers and she said something along the lines of “You bet they are!” and left. She actually walked out. Now I don’t have such a fragile sense of self that I really needed her to say anything, but come on. Someone points something out to you that actually helps, say thanks!

Some Things are Slower

In 1961 (I hear), President John F. Kennedy said he wanted to put men on the moon. Something around 8 years later, in July of 1969, men landed on the moon for the first time. Now, President George W. Bush has said he wants men on the moon. Of course, he said it in 2004, and that he wanted it to happen by 2020. Now we see that it’s apparently scheduled for 2018.

Let me get this straight. In the 1960s, we could do it in 8 years, but now it takes 13? What sort of sense does that make?

A Little Light

After hearing about Renee Zellweger and Kenny Chesney splitting up after just four months of being married, it’s refreshing to see just the opposite – a celebrity couple who is actually working to stay together. The really interesting thing is that it’s a couple that involves Charlie Sheen – perhaps one of the more notorious celebrities around.