Windows 2000 Sharing Issues

I was working with a client today when I ran into an issue where the computer just would not make a connection to any other devices on the network. I couldn’t even run a NET USE command for a resource on the same computer, a sure sign of trouble. The problem is that I didn’t know what to do.

My first step was to remove and reinstall the File and Print Sharing Service. This seemed to help. It removed the 53 and 1231 errors that I was getting. However, it only allowed me to connect to the domain controller, and only sporadically at that. So I kept looking.

I finally stumbled across this knowledge base article that deals with correcting event ID 5701. This error was producing problems for me every time I tried to connect to a network resource. After adding the MaxDgramBufferingvalue to the registry, and setting the value to 40000 (256KB), I rebooted, and the problems were fixed.