Apply Updates and Shut Down

Microsoft, in their infinite wisdom, offers a new Shut Down option in Windows Server 2003. I think it’s available in newer versions of Windows XP as well, but don’t quote me on that part.

Anyway, this option is a nice one – apply the updates that are pending and shut down the computer. It makes perfect sense. But what if you are a remote administrator and would instead prefer to Apply Updates and Restart? Then you’re out of luck.

While they do have some occasional good ideas, you have to wonder if they actually test them in real-world situations. Why would I ever want to shut down a remote computer?

Sweet Tea by the Gallon

Not too long ago, McDonald’s introduced sweet tea in their restaurants (at least here in Charlotte). I haven’t had a chance to try it. Chick-Fil-A has had sweet tea for at least a few years, and it’s pretty good – though as I recall it’s rather pricey. Today, I found out that Aldi has started carrying sweet tea as well. I just had a glass, and it’s pretty good. At $1.39 per gallon jug, the price is right too.

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Ignoring the Signs

Almost every day I see someone effectively run a stop sign. Just today I would have seen it again if the person didn’t realize that there was actually a car coming from another direction. Even if these drivers don’t blow through it completely, they generally don’t slow enough to make much of a difference. Today’s example, for instance, was nearly halfway across the intersection before they stopped because of the other car.

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We Talk too Much

I think I’ve come to the conclusion that people just like to hear themselves talk, but they don’t like to hear what they say. For instance: I heard an advertisement the other day that said, “And now every month my payment is exactly the same every time” – I think it had to do with a mortgage company or something.

The person talking apparently had different payments each month, and now they have the same. It’s clear enough, but I don’t get the need for the whole sentence as provided. The first part (dropping “every time”) is fine. As is the last part (leaving “every month”). But saying “every month…every time” is redundant.

I think people start off with good intentions. But somewhere in the middle, they forget how they started, and they have to tack on extra information at the end to make sure they get everything.

Are our attention spans really so bad that we can’t listen to an entire sentence, even when we are the ones speaking? That’s horrible! Come on people, pay attention – at least to yourself. And when you do, you’ll actually be able to say the same thing with fewer words, which in turn means that you’ll likely not have to pay attention as long. It’s a win-win situation!

A Very Broken System

As it appears the multiple-billion dollar upgrade of US security systems has been pretty much wasted, it makes me wonder if there is ever an end in sight. While we routinely pour money down the drain, surely we, as a people, will have to realize sometime that the money the government wastes isn’t theirs – it is ours!

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