Software Vulnerabilities

A story mentions that 4 minutes is all it takes for a computer when first connected to the Internet. Four minutes! That’s not even enough time to download the latest patches that you need to protect you from those hackers.

I just read another story where this guy visited a single web site and it installed 16 different programs on his PC. All through security vulnerabilities present in an unpatched version of Internet Explorer. And this story talks about a vulnerability in Java that leaves even my beloved Firefox at risk. What am I to do?

For the first problem, I just pray a lot. For the second, I’ve stopped using IE except in rare situations, when I can be relatively certain that I won’t have a problem. And for the third, I uninstalled the Java virtual machine from my PC. Probably not the best decision, but I’m curious to see how it goes. I survive perfectly fine without flash (for the most part). There are a few sites who use it in their navigation and don’t offer alternatives, but most will allow you to get around even if you don’t use flash. I’m hoping that I’ll be okay without Java, but we’ll have to wait and see.

In Our World

Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles

Once we arrived in Bonaire, it would have seemed that the hard work was done. Not the case. We found a taxi from the airport easily enough, but as I mentioned previously, the operator of our chosen lodging had already left for the night! Luckily he left his cell phone number posted on the door, and the cab driver was kind enough to both call him for us and then wait until he arrived to let us in. Finally, approaching 10pm, we were able to check into The Friar’s Inn (now called Hotel-Bonaire Inn).